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Astrobot (PS4) – 7.8
2 ottobre 2018
Simple and fun, it uses all the features of PSVR. On the other hand, maybe the experience is too linear and easy to complete.

Fist of the North Lost Paradise (PS4) – 8,4
1 ottobre 2018
The best Kenshiro game. Someone can say that the is a simple reskin of the less recent episodes of the Yakuza series, but the experience of being Kenshiro is perfect, and obviously unique. 

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (PS4) – 8,6
1 ottobre 2018
AC Odyssey is huge, rich of activities and detailed in all kind of missions. Choices have a lot of ripercussions and give variety to the game. Some problem of the series return, as the low quality AI, but they’re hidden by all the other things.

FIFA 19 (Switch) – 7,5
28 settembre 2018
A simple upgrade of FIFA 18 on Switch. There’s a lack of modes due to the absence of the Frostbyte Engine.

Dakar 18 (PC) – 6,3
27 settembre 2018
A game only for hardcore players, with too many problems.

Life is Strange 2 – Episode One (PS4) – 7,9
26 settembre 2018
Roads is the beginning we were expecting from Life is Strange 2. Technically the game has gone a step further, more fluid and more detailed. The story is also on another new level for themes and direction, apart for some choice problems, which we have to check later on the adventure: Dontnod is back.

Firewall Zero Hour (PS4) – 8,7
26 settembre 2018
Firewall Zero Hour is the more ambitious VR shooter. With a solid gameplay and tactics on the field, Firewall is all we were looking for.

Forza Horizon 4 (Xbox One) – 9,4
25 settembre 2018
Forza Horizon 4 is the “non plus ultra” of the open world racing arcade. It is better of the previous chapter and this thing is absolutely incredible.

NBA Live 19 (PS4) – 7,5
25 settembre 2018
NBA Live has found its own identity, instead of fighting the rival. The gameplay it’s perfect in the short game sessions, but the longlasting management practice has to be updated.

Frozen Synapse (Switch) – 8,0
24 settembre 2018
For being the first work of Mode 7, is an entirely satisfying tactics game.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Torna the Golden Country (Switch) – 8,1
21 September 2018
Torna the Golden Country is a great expansion of an excellent GDR e the good ideal point to enter Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for the simplified mechanics.

Broken Sword 5 (Switch) – 7,7
21 September 2018
Broken Sword 5 arrives on Switch with no significant new elements. After the first two chapters, this is probably the best of the series, with good plot and well written enigmas.

Transference (PS4) – 7,5
20 September 2018
Transference is a good walking simulator, with a great story. There’s not much interaction, but who appreciates a great story will find what he searches.

FIFA 19 (PS4) – 8,6
19 September 2018
FIFA 19 is a great game. That can give tons of fun with its huge number of modes. Champions League this year is the “icing on the cake” the series deserves.

Capcom Beat’em Up Bundle (Switch) – Botte dal passato – 8,2
18 September 2018
Right price, seven great old games, lots of options. Every retrogamer can’t want anything else.