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Homeworld Deserts of Kharak: i dettagli del nuovo aggiornamento

Blackbird Interactive ha rilasciato i dettagli per il prossimo aggiornamento di Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, in arrivo per la giornata di lunedì. Secondo il changelog, che potete consultare per intero qui di seguito, verrà aggiunto Kiith Soban, una nuova fazione giocabile, e una serie di correzioni e miglioramenti per il gioco. Ecco i miglioramenti in arrivo con la patch 1.1 di Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak: New Content (DLC) Added the Kiith Soban (A new playable DLC faction to Skirmish and Multiplayer). All players will be able to join matches that include this faction for opponents, but only players who have purchased the DLC will be able to use the faction. New Features Replays A replay system has been added allowing players to save and watch the games they have played. Control groups UI Units will now have an indicator of the last assigned control group above the unit (By the health bar). Bug Fixes AI Fixes Improved on the difficulty of AI. Normal and Hard should both see improved behaviour/difficulty. Rally points Rally Move and Rally Resource will now have different colored waypoint lines. Camera will no longer center on control groups unless double tapped. Camera focus on a unit will not be lost when transitioning out of Sensors Manager. Fixed keyboard input issues caused by external controller interference. Fixed some carrier pathing issues in Firebase Kriil Added music to the Boneyard Multiplayer map Fixed an issue with audio sometimes getting muted after accepting multiplayer game invites. Fixed an issue with targeting reticles getting stuck on when spamming ground target abilities. Fixed Targeting reticles lingering too long. The Game will now end faster after an annihilation victory is achieved Moved a spawn location in the Khar-Toba multiplayer map to be closer to it’s starting resources (matching the other 5). Fixed several crash issues Additional Notes Hotkey exposed in a config file Hotkeys can now be remapped by editing a new hotkey config file. Unranked Matchmaking has been disabled.