Codemasters svela i trofei e la lista degli achievements di GRID: Autosport

A cura di SamWolf - 5 Maggio 2014 - 0:00

Codemasters ha svelato, attraverso il proprio blog, la lista dei trofei e degli achievements di GRID: Autosport. L’elenco, consultabile poco sotto, è lo stesso per le versioni Xbox 360 e PlayStation 3 del gioco, con l’unica aggiunta per gli utenti possessori della console Sony, del trofeo di platino (denominato GRID Autosport Perfection). Ricordiamo che GRID: Autosport sarà disponibile per PC, PlayStation 3 e Xbox 360 dal 27 giugno:Sign on the dotted line – Accept your first Team Offer5 / BronzeJust warming up – Complete the first season of your Career10 / BronzeFirst of Many – Win a race in your Career10 / BronzeBrand Awareness – Satisfy all 6 sponsor objectives at least once in a Career season5 / BronzeThrough the Hoops – Fulfil both of your team’s targets in the same season10 / BronzeTop step – Win a driver’s championship in your Career20 / BronzeWell rounded education – Complete a season in all 5 racing disciplines10 / BronzeExtra curricular – Win a cup competition in your Career10 / BronzeToured with the Best – Complete a Touring Car Championship with the Ravenwest team15 / BronzeEndured with the Best – Complete an Endurance Championship with the Ravenwest team15 / BronzeRaced with the Best – Complete an Open Wheel Championship with the Ravenwest team15 / BronzeFlowed with the Best – Complete a Tuner Competition with the Ravenwest team15 / BronzeBattled with the Best – Complete a Street Racing championship with the Ravenwest team15 / BronzeNo longer the rookie – Unlock the “International Touring Car Championship”10 / BronzeMoving up in the world – Unlock the “International Endurance Championship”10 / BronzeA good track record – Unlock the “International GP Championship”10 / BronzeMaking your mark – Unlock the “Pro-Tuned World Masters”10 / BronzeBeen around the block – Unlock the “Pro GT World Masters”10 / BronzeOne for the cabinet – Finish the “Ultimate Touring Car Championship” in the top 320 / BronzeIt’s been a long road – Finish the “Ultimate Endurance Championship” in the top 320 / BronzePop the cork – Finish the “GP World Championship” in the top 320 / BronzeI make this look good – Finish the “Super Modified World Masters” in the top 320 / BronzeKing of the Streets – Finish the “Supercar World Masters” in the top 320 / BronzeDone the Tour – Reach level 10 in the Touring Car Career25 / SilverNo longer afraid of the dark – Reach level 10 in the Endurance Career25 / SilverMr Consistent – Reach level 10 in the Open Wheel Career25 / SilverNeed some new tyres – Reach level 10 in the Tuner Competition Career25 / SilverStreet Cred – Reach level 10 in the Street Racing Career25 / SilverI’ve got what Rick Scott’s got – Win each discipline’s most prestigious driver’s championship for Ravenwest75 / GoldEveryone’s a winner – Complete the “GRID Legends Series”100/ GoldA True Legend – Win the “GRID Legends Series”30 / BronzeHere are the keys – Buy a car in Online5 / BronzeMember of the Pack – Reach level 10 in Touring Car Online10 / BronzeDurable – Reach level 10 in Endurance Online10 / BronzeDownforce to be reckoned with – Reach level 10 in Open Wheel Online10 / BronzeTuned in – Reach level 10 in Tuner Competition Online10 / BronzeStreetwise – Reach level 10 in Street Racing Online10 / BronzeTek-Domination – Install all the upgrades and tuning options on a car in Online25 / BronzeAn icon in the pit lane – One of your cars reached level 99 in Online40 / BronzeFTW – Win 100 Online races50 / BronzeI’ve stopped counting – Reach a total Online level of 250, all disciplines combined100 / GoldJust the way I like it – Complete a Custom Cup offline5 / BronzeLong-Haul Legend – Win the driver’s Cup in a 5 event Custom Cup offline20 / BronzeLeading them off – Qualify for the front row of the grid10 / BronzeTweak to Peak – Win a race with custom tuning set-up5 / BronzeJack of all Trades – Compete in all race types, including party modes15 / BronzeBadge of Honour – Earn a platinum medal in RaceNet Challenge15 / BronzeThe Journeyman – Race a season with each of the 10 teams in the career10 / BronzeSofa, so good – Complete a splitscreen race5 / BronzeSide-splitting – Win a 5 event Splitscreen competition10 / Bronze

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