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The Bureau: XCOM Declassified – Ecco gli achievements

Sono stati pubblicati online i trofei di The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, gioco d’azione tattico in terza persona, in uscita questo mese per PC, PS3 e Xbox 360. Nella lista mancano undici obiettivi, per ora non noti. Attenzione, sono presenti spoilers.Completionist – PlatinumObtain all the TrophiesNot Playing Favorites – SilverTake an agent of every class into the field within a single campaignTop. Men. – GoldGet an agent of each class to Rank 5 within a single campaignGlad My Trust Wasn’t Misplaced – BronzeComplete your first Dispatch MissionAway Team – BronzeComplete your first Minor OperationSpring Cleaning – GoldComplete all Investigations in the base within a single campaignNo One Left Behind – GoldComplete the game without a single agent bleeding outCan’t be Everywhere at Once – SilverComplete 6 Dispatch Missions within a single campaignSee the World They Said… – SilverComplete 6 Minor Operations within a single campaignLet the Boys Have Their Fun – SilverComplete an entire Operation without the player firing a weapon or using a grenadeVigilo Confido – GoldBeat the game on Commander difficulty without ever changing itDon’t Run, You’ll Just Die Tired – BronzeAttach 10 Sticky Grenades onto Outsider enemies within a single campaignDead Head – BronzeGet 20 Headshot kills with any gun within a single campaignWelcome to Earth – BronzeFinish off 20 aliens using melee attacks within a single campaignReady for Anything – SilverReach Rank 10I’ve Seen Better, But Not Many – BronzeReach Rank 5They Wont Know What Hit Them – GoldUse all of the agent and player abilities in the field within a single campaignSight Beyond Sight – BronzePerform 15 unique scans within a single campaignBursting the Bubble – BronzeTake down 20 Outsider Shields using laser-based guns within a single campaignWhat Are You Without Your Armor? – SilverStrip all of the armor off of 5 Mutons before killing them within a single campaignLeader of Men – SilverGive 150 commands to agents while in Battle Focus within a single campaignThe Last Suit You’ll Ever Wear – BronzeCustomize an agentEnemy Within – SilverHave Mind Controlled enemies get a total of 15 kills within a single campaignClever Girl – SilverGet 40 kills on Flanked enemies within a single campaign