Nuova patch per Far Cry 2

A cura di Sidmarko - 12 Maggio 2009 - 0:00

Dal Forum ufficiale di Far Cry 2 è stata annunciata l’uscita di una nuova patch per la versione Xbox 360. La cura verrà distribuita anche per le versioni PC e PS3 a breve, come garantisce Ubisoft.Di seguito tutte le migliorie che apporta la nuova patch:Single Player Fix some random crash occurring during specific Malaria attacksFix health damage not following the difficulty level when switching difficulty during player’s walkthroughFix some camera issue when using a mortar near a rockReduce significantly the probability of having a corrupted save game*MultiplayerAdd Respawning time in Host – Advanced options – player match Add Starting rank in Host – Advanced options – player match Add min players in the host option Add deaths in scoreboard Balance current damage model Show VIP on Scoreboard (for your team only) Players can stay on the same host for consecutive matches in Ranked matchAdd a Quick match button when selecting a map in the Map community Fix vehicles spawning on their initial position immediately after being destroyed by an explosionFix client being disconnected from the host randomly and not being able to see it after thatFix death message does not appear randomlyFix some issues when interacting with objects Fix bandolier doesn’t always unlock extra ammoFix some bug when healing another player and getting wounded at the same timeFix diamond gain in rank modeFix players don’t get a request to keep a map after playing on a IGE mapDLC Fix some issues when using the crossbowExtra featuresAdd a “hardcore mode” that will provide a new damage model where all weapons do much more damage to increase realism.Add the possibility to play Rank matches on a selection of user maps*Many of the new features were requested by members of the community and we would like to thanks everyone for taking the time to communicate with us, we hope you will enjoy the improvements.* We are very aware of the problems some people have been experiencing and have been doing everything within our powers to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. We found out during our testing that several elements could cause an issue with the same consequences and therefore prevent certain players to finish the game. We have been able to provide solutions that prevent those corruption problems in most cases and we haven’t encountered any problems now. We apologize wholeheartedly for the inconvenience that this matter has caused to some owners of the game.* In answer to a growing demand we have developed a tool that enable us to mark user’s created maps as ranked. You should already find a selection of those maps thanks to some of our active community members.

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