Ecco la lista trofei di InFamous: Second Son

A cura di Raxias - 10 Marzo 2014 - 0:00

Mancano ormai pochi giorni all’arrivo sul mercato di InFamous: Second Son ed è stata recentemente resa pubblica la lista dei trofei che potranno essere ottenuti nel gioco. Ecco l’elenco completo ( attenzione, potrebbe contenere spoiler! ):Enjoy Your Powers – Collect all trophiesUnstoppable – Finish the game on Expert difficultySacrifice – Risk your freedom to protect those you care aboutRuthless – Look out for yourself, no matter the consequencesTemperance – Practice self-controlMalice – Get them before they get youCourage – Stand up for the helplessContempt – Don’t fear the weakMercy – Everyone deserves a second chanceRevenge – An eye for an eye, a tooth for a toothJustice – Expose the corruption of the powerfulDominance – Show the world that nobody can protect themReconciliation – Finish the story with Good KarmaRebellion – Finish the story with Evil KarmaEverybody Out – Rescue 10 suspects from suspicion pensSpin-off – Beat down 10 sign twirlersEveryone’s a Critic – Take out 10 street musiciansJust Say No – Bust 10 drug dealersFreedom of Speech – Disrupt 10 activist ralliesWhat Did You Call Me? – Kill 10 obnoxious Akuran gang membersSomeone Your Own Size – Rescue 10 escaped conduits from angry mobsWalk It Off – Heal 10 wounded civiliansKicking and Screaming – Finish off 10 wounded enemies or civiliansTrue Hero – Achieve Level 5 Good KarmaInfamous – Achieve Level 5 Evil KarmaBweep! Bweep! Bweep! – Collect half the Blast ShardsShardcore – Collect all the Blast ShardsNothing To See Here – Destroy half the D.U.P. security camerasBlinded – Destroy all of the D.U.P. security camerasInside Track – Collect all the Informant Audio LogsBlown Cover – Defeat all the D.U.P. Secret AgentsBig Brother – Destroy all the D.U.P. Hidden CamerasColoring Inside the Lines – Complete all the Stencil ArtPrank Call – Complete a District ShowdownHello Operator – Complete Showdowns in half of the districtsFinal Showdown – Complete all of the District Showdowns in the cityOne Down – Clear the D.U.P. completely out of a districtHome Field Advantage – Clear the D.U.P. out of half the districts in the cityClean Sweep – Clear the D.U.P. out of the entire cityTotal CARnage – Destroy 5 cars in 5 secondsDrop Everything – Comet Drop over 170 metersKeep It Up – Stay in the air for more than 45 secondsPut That Anywhere – Defeat 10 enemies by detonating ammo cratesHat Trick – Defeat an enemy using three different power sourcesDouble Smoke Stack Attack – Dash through two red air vents without touching the ground and then Comet Drop on an enemyCough Drop – Comet Drop on three coughing enemiesMake Fetch Proud – Hit three weak points with Neon Beam in 6 secondsExcessive Force – Use a Karmic Streak attack to defeat exactly one enemy

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