Arriva oggi l’update 3 per Gears of War 4

A cura di Paolo Sirio - 10 Gennaio 2017 - 0:00

The Coalition ha svelato il changelog completo dell’update 3 di Gears of War 4, disponibile nella giornata di oggi per Xbox One e PC Windows 10.Tra le principali modifiche apportate dallo sviluppatore canadese troviamo un ampliamento del sistema anti quitter, che prevede un inasprimento delle penalità per i giocatori che abbandonano le loro partite anzitempo.Arriva oggi l’update 3 per Gears of War 4 In pratica, questi giocatori verranno sospesi da ogni attività di matchmaking per un lasso di tempo crescente per quante più volte usciranno dalle sessioni prima del loro termine.Di seguito, invece, potete vedere la lista completa delle modifiche che hanno un impatto anche sull’interfaccia del gioco e sulla modalità spettatore.Spectator ModePlayer Cards have been re-designed to take up less visual spacePlayer ammo and reloads are now visible in the Spectator Mode UICrosshairs are now visible to SpectatorsRespawn timers are now displayed on Player CardsWeapons holstered onto a player’s back can now be seen in Spectator Mode‘K’ keyboard button now removes spectator inputs UI and/or the black bar altogether‘L’ keyboard button toggles Player Cards to the far edges of the screen or normal positioning‘V’, ‘B’ and ‘N’ keyboard buttons now jump to specific Escalation hill battle camerasFixed an issue with X-Ray vision not rendering as intendedMade X-Ray a ‘toggle’ rather than ‘Press-And-Hold’Fixed the ordering of players in Competitive UI to match the Lobby OrderPressing B while holding Jump Cam now cancels a pending Jump CamAdded new mapping for specific face buttons for specific camera modes, listed below:Gamepad ‘A’, Keyboard ‘Z’ -> Switches to Player or Follow Cam. If already in Player Cam, switch to Follow Cam and vice versa. Last used mode is saved as your preference when switching back to Player/Follow Cam from other modes and when using the Jump CamGamepad ‘X’, Keyboard ‘X’ -> Switch to Ghost CamGamepad ‘Y’, Keyboard ‘C’ -> Switch to Battle CamGeneral FixesSkill ranking will now be visible again at the end of match scoreboardAdded ‘Spawns Swapped’ UI when spawns flip in VersusIncreased the Energy cost of the Hammer of Dawn Strike in HordeIncreased Escalation Win and Loss bonusesIncreased Escalation Win Bounty RewardsTuned criteria and rewards for King of the Hill BountiesFixed an exploit that allowed players to teleport Energy to their position in HordeSquad Members can immediately see when they have been removed from a SquadThe ‘Horde Skills’ UI Notification alerting you to new skills now works correctlyHorde Skill cards can now be equipped and unequipped in the Horde Skills inventoryAdded UI notification to show new Cards in your collection when opening Gear PacksImproved UI on Turret Heat barImproved performance when switching tabs in Card view menusAdded slider to control how long text chat remains visible after a messageThe Longshot can no longer shoot through walls if positioned through a 90 degree cornerAdded a Duplicates Only filter to the Inventory MenuFixed an issue where audio slowly cut out in HordeFixed an issue allowing grenade effects to continue into the next round in VersusRemoved an exploit allowing users to break the map boundaries in Horde on FoundationFixed an issue that allowed players to respawn out of the map boundaries in HordeFixed an issue where offline customization would reset if user changed charactersMiscellaneous fixes and improvements

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