Guacamelee! 2, ecco la lista completa dei Trofei

A cura di Marcello Paolillo - 1 Agosto 2018 - 0:00

Guacamelee! 2 arriverà verso la fine del mese di agosto (il 21, per la precisione), ma in queste ore è apparsa online la lista dei Trofei per la versione PS4 del gioco. Ve ne sono ben 37, tra cui 22 Bronzo, 9 Argento, 5 Oro e, naturalmente, 1 Platino.Li trovate poco sotto:BronzoI Remember That Being Harder — Defeat CalacaRe-resurrección — Regain the maskShow’s Over, Go Home — Defeat El MuñecoSevered — Defeat Uay PekPrickly Pair — Defeat Cactuardo and ZopeSevered 2 — Defeat Uay Pek a second timeQuestionable Plumbing — Discover the Pollo Illuminati’s headquartersSanta Golpiza! — Reach 150 on your hit-meterGrapple Expert — Use all four of Coscorrona’s special throwsJuan Punch Man — One-shot an enemy with a fully upgraded super moveI Was Told There’d Be Candy — Defeat a PiñatafaceCluckstorm — Kill 50 enemies as chickenThe Floor Is… — Eagle Boost from 10 different hook points without touching the ground6-Piece Combo — Juggle an enemy with 6 Chicken Shots or Slides before it touches the ground.He Looks Portable — Find Juan and Lupita in the Darkest TimelinePERFECT — Cleanse the Mexiverse of the vehicular menaceTalented Player — Dodge 10 enemies’ attacks by rollingYou Survived — Enter the Heart of Dankness… and returnOne Born Every Minute — Open a loot boxKing of the Hill — Defeat El Trio de la MontañaSpecial Delivery! — Feed the hungry guardCombo Machine — Complete all of Flame Face’s challengesArgentoThese are not fertilized — Lay a dozen eggsTemple Raider — Find 100% of the hidden items in a templey cant guacamelee crawl — Complete a Pollo challenge dungeonI have nothing left to teach you — Fully purchase one trainer’s skill treeOne down… — Complete a secret Chicken Key ChallengeVery Special — Open the Golden DoorTalk to the Hend — Receive the Holy Hen’s messageMoves Like Jaguar — Defeat Jaguar(s)Luchonarrative Resonance — Kill 1000 mean, nasty skeletons without familiesOroEl Técnico Táctico — Purchase all of the upgradesMr. Worldwide — Achieve 100% completion in all areasEven Darkest-er — Beat the game on Hard modeNacho Libre — Defeat SalvadorLegend of the Timelines — Reach the good ending (collect all keys)PlatinoGuacamastery — Obtain every trophy in the gameIn Guacamelee! 2, l’ex eroe Juan Aguacate dovrà lasciare la sua meritata pensione per fermare un potente e spietato luchador, diventato il dominatore di una linea temporale parallela. Ancora una volta, Juan dovrà indossare la sua speciale maschera e collant da luchador, e combattere per farsi strada nel mondo dei vivi e dei morti (oltre a tempo e spazio) nel tentativo di salvare la sua famiglia… e l’intero Mexiverso!Guacamelee! 2, ecco la lista completa dei Trofei Fonte: DualShockers

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