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Alienation: disponibile l’update 1.01

Housemarque ha annunciato la disponibilità dell’aggiornamento 1.01 per Alienation, esclusiva PlayStation 4 disponibile dal 26 aprile. Qui di seguito potete trovare il changelog completo di questo update mentre al seguente indirizzo potete consultare la nostra recensione di Alienation:Major Fixes Fixed the player sometimes going through walls after teleporting Players no longer die if they fall off the mission area but rather get teleported to host or checkpoint restart Players can no longer join/invade games that they shouldn’t be able to get in because of the visibility or invasion settings Non-host squad members no longer spam the server with invalid messages while playing invite-only missions Alien cores won’t fly outside the level anymore Minor Fixes Bug enemy is now easier to hit at Flamethrower hit detection improved to take account the alien size Purchasing PS Plus membership while the game is running will now be instantly recognized by the game when trying to access a feature requiring PS Plus instead of a wait time up to 20 seconds Fixed an issue with clients not being able to rejoin ongoing game if host loses network connection midgame Performance improvement to Artillery strike that has the splash upgraded General performance improvements Trophy obtaining bugs that were fixed New Features Antti’s memorial area added to fort Itaipu Respawn beacon activation now creates shield around the beacon and the previously activated respawn beacon explodes Possibility to create a squad from battles menu screen prior to entering a mission Extra statistics shown in character and bestiary menu screens Support for Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages Cores can be removed from weapons Tweaks Mothership enemy level no longer scales with player level in World State 1. The enemy level will be locked to the level player was on when he first entered the Mothership Font tweaks mainly for the asian fonts. This might cause layout changes in some places Revolver has new particle effects Mothership enemies in World State are now 2 levels weaker