Nuova patch per Crysis 2


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Crytek ha rilasciato una nuova patch per le versioni PlayStation 3 e Xbox 360 di Crysis 2
, che corregge diversi bug relativi all’IA e aggiunge una ulteriore protezione anti cheat:Di seguito l’elenco completo delle modifiche apportate:- A number of AI fixes and improvements (single-player campaign)- Improved anti-cheat protection- Fix for missing and corrupt sounds- Fix for music tracks repeating when they shouldn’t, and two different tracks occasionally playing at the same time- A range of networking improvements, including fixes to host migration- Fix for Capture the Relay where the CELL team would occasionally not be able to pick-up the relay in the second round- Addressed a bug with the “Show All” radar option when players would intermittently not be shown- Ammo crates now disappear from tactical hints when they’re emptied (single-player campaign)- Fix for a number of After-Match Awards not being correctly allocated- Fix for inaccurate audio being played during the kill replay camera- Smoothed the transition into and out of the kill replay camera- Fix for the battle announcer audio occasionally reporting inaccurate Support Bonus information- Fix for the Deflection bonus staying permanently active if held by a player at the end of a round- Fix for menus scrolling continually if a direction is held on the left analog stick during load- Various Skill Assessment fixes so stats are tracked correctly- Leaderboard fixes for data occasionally being shown in the incorrect column- Fix for an issue with shadow rendering- Fix for crouch and zoom being on the same button in one of the alternate control schemes- Added additional announcer signposting when approaching the score limit in game modes- Fix for players of rank 50 being shown as rank 51 in-game- Improved ledge grab transition speed- Reduced lag when switching weapons- Fix for a Stealth Kill bug where, if performing a kill on a moving target, pressing the button would sometimes drag players along behind that opponent instead of performing the kill- Fix for explosions occasionally not rendering in the kill replay camera- Fix for an issue when trying to switch weapon during a slide, where players were sometimes left in a no-weapon

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