Diablo Immortal | Recensione in corso – L’inferno di Blizzard - 24/06/2022

iOS - Diablo Immortal tries to catch the attention of Diablo lovers and newcomers alike. It is true that its microtransactions are way more than they should, but you can still ignore them. We will update our review with our verdict in the coming weeks.

LG UltraGear 27GP950 | Recensione – Monitor 4K ideale per PS5 e Xbox Series X (e PC) - 24/06/2022

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes | Recensione – Venti di battaglia - 8,1 - 21/06/2022

SWITCH - Omega Force is really upping the ante with their latest licensed musou: Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes is a very solid and enjoyable musou-rts-rpg hybrid, and we liked it more than we anticipated we could.

Neon White | Recensione – Una perla da non farsi sfuggire - 9,0 - 20/06/2022

SWITCH - There's no reason for missing a little gem like Neon White is, if you love video games.

Pac-Man Museum + | Recensione – La compilation che ci mancava? - 6,3 - 19/06/2022

PS4 - A good collection for long-term Pac-Man's fans, but the beloved character deserves a bit more than this.

The Quarry | Recensione – Se non mi uccide, mi fortifica - 8,2 - 16/06/2022

PC - Supermassive Games gives that back-to-the-roots feeling for Supermassive Games' fans, that can enjoy a well-thought cinematographic horror experience.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge | Recensione – Pizza, botte e tanti anni ’80 - 8,2 - 15/06/2022

PS4 - A little fun gem for beat'em up lovers, that shows that you can improve your classic formula without betraying it.

Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles | Recensione – Gli ammazzademoni sbarcano su Switch - 14/06/2022

SWITCH - What was good and well made on the other platforms, stays the same in this release on Nintendo Switch, which includes the previous DLCs and it's quite enjoyable.

Souldiers | Recensione – Un metroidvania come tanti? - 7,2 - 11/06/2022

PC - Souldiers is a classic metroidvania suited for die-hard fans but with nothing new for the genre.

SSD Samsung 980 Pro Gen con heatsink | Recensione – Quello che serve su PS5 - 09/06/2022

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football | Recensione – Calcio champignon - 8,0 - 08/06/2022

SWITCH - With such solid and explosive gameplay, Mario Strikers: Battle League Football represents a decisive step forward for the franchise.

Vampire The Masquerade Swansong | Recensione – Anche i ricchi piangono - 6,2 - 06/06/2022

PS5 - Vampire The Masquerade Swansong sticks to the source material very closely, adding very little to distinguish itself from many other adventure games, except for some bugs and inconsistencies. Only suited for long time World of Darkness fans.

Outward: Definitive Edition | Recensione – Sopravvivere a ogni costo - 7,0 - 04/06/2022

PS5 - If you are looking for a survival RPG, Outward has something interesting to say, but be prepared to face some of its flaws.

Card Shark | Recensione – Intrighi e azzardi alla corte del re di Francia - 8,5 - 02/06/2022

PC - Card Shark is unique, layered and an absolute must.

Roller Champions | Recensione – Bersaglio centrato? - 6,5 - 31/05/2022

Xbox Series X - Roller Champions is a fun game, especially considering that it's a free-to-play, but considering its competitors it doesn't feel unique enough, because of its lack of contents.

Eternal Threads | Recensione – Riavvolgere il tempo per salvare il mondo - 7,0 - 30/05/2022

PC - Eternal Threads is an interesting deductive game, but its writing could have been way better.

Touken Ranbu Warriors | Recensione – Samurai pronti a salvare la storia - 6,2 - 29/05/2022

SWITCH - Touken Ranbu Warriors could have been way better and with some good ideas poorly executed it fails to actually give something fresh and captivating to Warriors' fans.

Kao The Kangaroo | Recensione – Come i platform di una volta - 6,9 - 27/05/2022

Xbox Series X - Kao The Kangaroo is a love letter to the platforms of 90s and early 2000s, with all their strenghts and weaknesses.

Sniper Elite 5 | Recensione – Un cecchino a caccia di nazisti - 7,5 - 25/05/2022

PS5 - Everyone who loved the previous entry, will surely enjoy this one, that lacks real improvements and innovations

Freud’s Bones | Recensione – La voce interiore di Freud - 8,3 - 24/05/2022

PC - Freud's Bones is way more than just a tribute to Freud: it's a game that shows how far good ideas can drive you.

Tennis Manager 2022 | Recensione – Fuori dal main draw - 6,4 - 23/05/2022

PC - Tennis Manager 2022 is a first step through the right direction, but it needs a lot of improvements to reach the status of a must have game.

Evil Dead The Game | Recensione – L’horror PvP di Sam Raimi - 7,5 - 20/05/2022

PC - Evil Dead: The Game pays an interesting homage to the saga, with an improvable and yet enjoyable assymetric gameplay that can be a good start for a game that surely needs long-time support from the developers, in order to find its place in this niche.

Dolmen | Recensione – Chi troppo vuole, nulla stringe - 6,4 - 19/05/2022

PS5 - Dolmen bites far more than it can chew, trying to merge the melee combat of any From Software game with the gunplay of Remnant from The Ashes: the result is an average game that tries to accomplish too many things at once.

Source of Madness | Recensione – Follia procedurale - 6,3 - 18/05/2022

XBOX SERIES X - Some good ideas and a deep love for the work of the immortal H.P. Lovecraft are not enough to recommend Source of Madness, since there are far better roguelites on all the platforms the game hit.

The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story | Recensione – Attori veri, emozioni vere - 7,1 - 17/05/2022

PS5 - The Centennial Case is a unique experiment, and a solid one at that, with a good central plot and a few missteps too, first of all its high price. A good choice for the visual novel fans.