La patch 1.02 di The Last of Us elimina i discussi phone number e migliora il multiplayer

A cura di Alexander - 29 Giugno 2013 - 0:00

Naughty Dog ha reso disponibile l’update 1.02 di The Last of Us, che corregge alcuni bug tecnici e aggiunge vari miglioramenti al gameplay della modalità multiplayer, oltre ad eliminare i discussi numeri telefonici di una sex line presenti nella campagna in singolo. Lo sviluppatore ha inoltre aggiunto che questo aggiornamento non sarà l’ultimo e che il team continuerà a supportare il gioco nei prossimi mesi.A seguire il changelog della patch 1.02:Single player– Texture of a phone number on a bulletin board changed Multiplayer– Host migration has been improved. Losing connection to the host during a migration should occur less often- General crash when leaving multiplayer fixed- Intro camera fix for some introductory cut-scenes- Connectivity issues while playing have been tuned- If you disconnect or lose connection to the host, you will no longer advance a clan day. You will only advance a day if you are kicked from the match, or exit through the menu. Gameplay– Explosion Expert level 2 should be selectable now- The voting time for match selection has been reduced to 15 seconds- “No party” playlist options have been added to both Supply Raid and Survivors, players can only join this playlist solo.- Melee against a downed character now uses the same range as normal melee

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