La colonna sonora di Metal Gear Survive arriva nei negozi con inclusi i brani dei vecchi Metal Gear Online

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È arrivata nei negozi giapponesi la colonna sonora originale di Metal Gear Survive, venduta a circa $35. Il cofanetto, particolarmente ricco, include non solo i brani della più recente release della celebre IP targata Konami, ma anche i brani dei precedenti Metal Gear Online. Parliamo, quindi, dei brani di MGO in MGS3: Subsistence, in MGS4 e in MGSV.Questa la tracklist dei dischi che comporranno la compilation.Disco 101. Good to See You Again02. Fallen Mother Base03. A Photograph04. C.Y.F.05. A Soldier Who Saved Boss06. Wardenclyffe Section07. The World Beyond the Wormhole08. An XOF Soldier09. A Parade of the Dead10. I Am Not Gonna Die Here11. Residents of Dite12. The Survival Begins13. A Massive Wormhole14. Briefing15. Make Your Way16. Welcome to Base Camp, Captain17. Entering the Fog – Desert Area 0118. Caution19. Desert Alert20. An Incident21. Other Survivors22. Desert Area 0223. Get Prepared24. Start the Digger25. Activating the Wormhole Home26. Defend Our Way Home27. Activation Completed28. The Lord of Dust29. The Lord Strikes30. Hurry to the TopDisco 201. Metal Gear Survive Main Theme02. Welcome to the Next Circle03. Entering the Fog – Jungle Area 0104. Jungle Alert05. I Always Believed That You’d Come06. Jungle Area 0207. The Giant Weapon08. Dread Dust09. Join Us10. Seth11. After the Battle12. The Future’s In YOUR Hands13. The Final Operation14. To the Battle Field15. Do-Or-Die16. The One, The Hope17. Metal Gear Awakens18. The Rail Gun19. Concept of Death20. Life, Death, and Existence21. Their Will22. Let’s Go Home23. A Journey of A Thousand Miles Begins with A Single Step24. Memory of Survivors25. The End of the CircleEx01. Big MouthEx02. FrostbiteDisco 3【METAL GEAR SURVIVE “CO-OP Mode”】01. Staging Area 0102. Staging Area 0203. Staging Area 0304. Staging Area 0405. Staging Area 0506. Wrecked Base Interval07. Wrecked Base Wave08. Wrecked Base Wave Alert09. Fallen Village Interval10. Fallen Village Wave11. Fallen Village Wave Alert12. Deserted Mine Interval13. Deserted Mine Wave14. Deserted Mine Wave Alert15. Abandoned Airport Interval16. Abandoned Airport Wave17. Abandoned Airport Wave Alert18. Forsaken Ruins Interval19. Forsaken Ruins Wave20. Forsaken Ruins Wave Alert21. Crystallization Area22. Various Jingles【METAL GEAR SOLID 3 SUBSISTENCE “METAL GEAR ONLINE”】23. Lobby24. Sneak25. Action26. Various Jingles【METAL GEAR SOLID 4 GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS “METAL GEAR ONLINE”】27. Lobby28. Final Round Sneak29. Action 0130. Action 0231. Result32. Team Creation33. Emblem34. Download35. Various Jingles【METAL GEAR SOLID Ⅴ THE PHANTOM PAIN “METAL GEAR ONLINE”】36. Survival37. Freeplay38. Result39. MVP Result40. Various Jingles Fonte: Metal Gear Survive