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Svelata la lista trofei di Monster Monpiece

È stata da poco svelata la lista dei trofei di Monster Monpiece, titolo in arrivo questa primavera per PlayStation Vita. Riportiamo qui di seguito l’elenco completo dei trofei:Platino:Monster Monpiece Master: Obtained all the trophies!Bronzo: The Adventure Begins…: Started the game for the first time!Kunaguva Cleared: Kunaguva area cleared!Ginuma Cleared: Ginuma area cleared!Hollowlo Cleared: Hollowlo area cleared!Ho Kaido Cleared: Ho Kaido area cleared!Ki Outo Cleared: Ki Outo area cleared!Fukuruko Cleared: Fukuruko area cleared!Okinava Cleared: Okinava area cleared!Tokio Cleared: Tokio area cleared!Si Ku Ork Cleared: Si Ku Ork area cleared!The Thrill Of Victory…: Won a card battle for the first time!Master Ring Collector: Completed 3 master rings!The First Card…: Acquired a card for first time!Card Collector: Got 100 kinds of cards!Compulsive Card Collector: Got 500 kinds of cards!Flawless Victory: Won a card battle with 0 damage!Novice General: Battled for the first time!Talkin’ ‘Bout Training: Trained for the first time!You Got the Touch…: Performed First Crush ♡ rub!Skilled Fingers: First successful First Crush ♡ rub!Deft Hands: 10 successful First Crush ♡ rubs!Experienced: 50 successful First Crush ♡ rubs!Rubbing Expert: 100 successful First Crush ♡ rubs!Rubbing Master: Irresistible ForceThrilled Otton: Triggered extreme love!Excited Otton: Triggered extreme love 20 times!Otton Burst!: Triggered extreme love 50 times!Storming the Castle: Attacked castle for first time!Secrets of Fusion: Performed fusion for first time!Combat Neophyte: Won 10 offline battles!Average General: Won 30 offline battles!Veteran Warrior: Won 50 offline battles!Master Tactician: Won 70 offline battles!Legendary Leader: Won 100 offline battles!A New Challenger…: Partook in your first online battle!Monpiece Rookie: Won 10 online battles!Monpiece Star: Won 30 online battles!Monpiece All-Star: Won 50 online battles!Monpiece MVP: Won 70 online battles!A Learning Experience: Suffered your first online defeatHeating Up…: Won 3 online battles in a row!Hot Streak: Won 7 online battles in a row!Argento:Master Ring Savant: Completed 20 master rings!Hail, Conquering Hero!: Cleared the game!10K Titan: Your Rub P stock has exceeded 10000!Monpiece Legend: Won 90 online battles!Genius of Love: Triggered extreme love 100 times!Oro:Irresistible Force: Won 10 online battles in a row!Ladykiller: 300 successful First Crush ♡ rubs!