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Phantom Hall: un nuovo update porta varie novità

Durante la giornata di oggi, lo sviluppaore indipendente Incendium ha rilasciato un nuovo update per il suo Phantom Hall, il quale aggiunge una nuova area di gioco e un sistema di combattimento corpo a corpo riveduto e corretto. Il gioco, lo ricordiamo, è disponibile in Early Access. Poco sotto, le patch notes in lingua inglese:Added the ability to deflect melee attacks, which is triggered by pressing the attack button with a melee button just as an enemy’s attack is about to strike. Deflecting a melee attack interrupts the enemy’s attack and puts them in a stunned state.Added the cemetery location.Added a new enemy, the Ghost, to the cemetery, which flies around, hurling ghostly energy at its victims.Added new traps.Added a new quest “Dead Party” to the Nerd.Added positional damage: headshots will now take more damage.Zombies now only take damage when shot in the head.Skeletons are now more vulnerable to blunt weapons.Insect enemies now dissolve when they are killed, making it more clear that they are dead.Added some new lootable container styles.Added skyboxes to areas that allow you to see outdoors.Removed FXAA due to a rendering glitch which caused the game to become unplayable.Characters now have more accurate hitboxes.Fixed a minor issue with projectiles, which would cause the player to be able to “run into” the skeleton’s bone throw.Various optimizations to lessen the CPU usage of enemies and rooms that are far enough away from the player.Enemies now deaggro if they’ve lost their targets for long enough.Fonte: Dualshockers