Battlefield 3 si aggiorna

A cura di jewel - 13 Dicembre 2011 - 0:00

DICE ha reso disponibile oggi, in concomitanza con l’arrivo del DLC Back to Karkand, un sostanzioso aggiornamento per la versione Xbox 360 di Battlefield 3. L’update, simile alle patch rilasciate su PC e Playstation 3, introduce un bel numero di fix per le componenti single-player e multigiocatore dell’acclamato shooter. Di seguito tutti i dettagli:Single PlayerAdded missing blood effect on kill shotFixed a crash that could happen during level load in SPFixed issue with game crashing during intro cut scene of Campaign mission “Thunder Run”Fixed a crash that could happen when shutting down levelsFixed crash on last mission that could occur after the player is killed by the first enemy in the trainWhen a user got killed, after respawning, he heard sounds that remained as if bullets still were passing around himFixed glitch in melee showing your equipped gun instead of the knifeFixed issues with texture streaming. Prioritizing of textures close to the user has become better, resulting in more detailed texturesImproved mesh streaming conditions to avoid situations with risk of corruptions and crashesFix blend into vehicle problem when entering a vehicle in the CampaignFixed issue where disconnecting a controller during the Gamer Profile sign out animation would cause the game to soft lockRemoved the hint “Shoot out the lights.” during SP mission NightshiftFixed issue with last mission not listed in REPLAY MISSIONS listFixed issue on the SP mission Night Shift where three of the marines that repel down from the Osprey at the start of the level have PLR models instead of the right marine modelsHas been made harder to fail missions due to zero tolerance friendly fireFixed MG nest objective on Operation GuillotineFix for music climax on mission “Fear No Evil”Fixed issues that occurred if user were backtracking after fight at elevator on SP mission “Comrades”Adding a back button to SP campaign select difficulty screenRemoved slomo from jump into train on SP mission “The Great Destroyer”Fixed glitches in subway Quick Time Events in mission “The Great Destroyer”Increased quality of the loading screen imagesFixed glitch that made it possible to reach Solomon train QTE with the wrong weapon equipped in mission “Semper Fidelis”Fixed final sound fade out on SP mission “Thunder Run”Removed sound fade on convoy ride in mission “Operation Guillotine”Fixed squad mates coming through wall after intro on SP mission “Operation Guillotine”SP mission, “The Great Destroyer”: moved Campaign Cleared achievement until after the Dima outroFixed soldiers inside of terrain at start of level in “OPERATION GUILLOTINE”SP mission, “The Great Destroyer”: Fixed streaming issue which could lead to out of memory when streaming in Subway rideImproved music and music fade on tank encounter in mission “Operation Guillotine”Sound on Operation Guillotine: Fixed trading floor crash camera shake and rumbleFade later when driving in to tunnel on “OPERATION GUILLOTINE”Hide cross hair during Solomon intro & climb out scene on “Operation Swordbreaker”Fixes on “OPERATION SWORDBREAKER”: Skip VO urging the player to move forward if the player has already moved. Fixed VO playing from the wrong world positionFixed crosshair being back on staging area in “OPERATION SWORD BREAKER”Fixes on “THUNDER RUN”: Less delay after MICLIC scene. Friendly tanks start driving up to you sooner and are more likely to teleport into position. Enemies now spawn in front of you & to the right, instead of behind the approaching friendly tanksFixed Squad mates goes through the ground in front of the house before throwing in grenades in “OPERATION GUILLOTINE”Fixed issue with player not being able to cross the plank as soon as its down on ground on mission “Operation Swordbreaker”Fixed sliding into cut scene on roof top on mission “Operation Swordbreaker”Tweaked difficulty levels in Single PlayerFixed a hang in terrain streaming, causing the user to get stuck on black screen under special circumstances in SingleplayerFixes in Night Shift: New save point after wave 2 in mall. Fixed bug where wave 3 was considered done way before all enemies were killed, causing a possible difficulty spikeAdded tutorial for firing Stinger on “ROCK AND A HARD PLACE” copied from “OPERATION GUILLOTINE”Delayed “The Professional” achievement/trophy to not pop up in the middle of the sceneFixed issue on The Great Destroyer where you could equip a gun before entering the trainMultiplayerSignificant squad user interface changes detailed hereAdded round duration and ticket summary at EORAdvanced squad polish – should be more intuitiveAdded back EOR sound for SQDM and TDMFixed sound for when climbing laddersFixed and issue with some first person weapon soundsFixed a swim sound loop errorYou should no longer be able to damage a friendly vehicle when sitting in an open positionGrenades now drop to ground if you get killed while attempting to throw itSpawn protection now should work in Conquest. You should no longer spawn on points too close to enemiesYou should no longer spawn too close to enemies in TDM and SQDMFix for missing input restriction during intro movie, causing players to potentially fall and die while watching movie if moving controller (or having a controller with a bad stick zone).Combat areas on Kharg Rush tweaked in order to disallow defenders to access the carrier ship after 1st base is taken and being able to enter the AA gunFixed a problem with revived players not being able to get suppressedFixed a problem with the camera when being revived in COOPSpotting VO now plays when spotting from MAV/EODEnd of round now has round statistics like Team tickets and Round time displayFixed several issues regarding the kill card. It was showing wrong weapons used for the killFixed that sometimes you would be stuck on a black screen when kicked from serverFixed so when a team captures two flags at the same time, the UI could show wrong owner of the flagFixed a problem where the capture progress bar was showed as friendly when the enemy was capturingFixed a problem with the bipod deploy soundFixed a problem that you could be spawned in with no weapons after being killed while using the EOD botFixed problems with health bars not displaying health properly when using EOD botsFixed a problem with flickering name tagsFixed a problem where friendlies could damage friendly helicoptersFixed a problem where you could get stuck in the co-op menu when attempting to join the session twiceYou should now be able to spot explosivesYou should no longer spawn in home base if your selected spawn point is disabled while waiting to spawn. For instance your teammate dies right before you are about to spawnDamage from bullets will now continue to cause damage even after the firing user is deadFixed several client crashesFixed a problem where players could get stuck in the join queueFixed the repair icon on the minimapDeploy parachute now displays the tooltip to deploy parachute when free fallingFixed some artifacts when using flashlightsFixed several Xbox 360 specific crashes and freezesFixed a problem where a user sometimes could not go into iron sightsImproved shadow renderingFixed several issues with friend invites and joinsVehicle boosts is now a toggle instead of momentaryFixed several issues with the Hardcore modeFixed a few layout problems where the in-game controls and tooltips didn’t match those in the options menuRemoved the possibility to pick up weapons in a EOD botFixed several interpolation issuesFixed a problem where claymore is flashing in the wrong team colorSubway minimap updated to give better clarityFixed an issue where the UI would not show the way to your new unlocksIncreased quality of loading screen imagesTweaked MP rank up parametersFixed a problem with Metro Squad rush minimap where it looked like you were out of boundsFixed a problem where a user can become invulnerable after being resurrectedFixed a problem

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