Thief : disponibile l’aggiornamento 1.3 per la versione PC

A cura di Alexander - 18 Marzo 2014 - 0:00

E’ disponibile l’ultima patch per l’edizione PC di Thief, che aggirna il gioco alla versione 1.3 e introduce, oltre ad alcuni miglioramenti, il supporto alle API Mantle e alla tecncologia sonora TrueAudio, entrambe di AMD. L’aggiornamernto si autoinstalla tramite Steam; a seguire trovate il changelog in inglese:- Added AMD Mantle support. – Added AMD TrueAudio support. TrueAudio hardware support can be enabled in the in-game audio options menu.- Image Based Reflections are now optional in 64-bit version. Used to always be enabled in 64-bit and never in 32-bit.- Added “Automatically Limit Texture Quality” option, when turned on it limits texture quality based on the amount of dedicated VRAM.- Fixed medallion icons not or incorrectly lighting up on some setups. – Fixed subtitles not showing during cinematics when using the 32-bit version. – Fixed an issue where on specific setups, the game would crash during startup, and creating a new windows account would fix it.- Fixed an issue where sometimes the mouse position would be offset when running with Surround or Eyefinity.

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