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Starbound: rilasciato l’update 1.3

Da poco è stata annunciata la nuova patch 1.03 per Starbound, disponibile su PC dal 22 luglio dello scorso anno, la quale corregge vari problemi oltre ad aggiunge stazioni spaziali inedite e migliore la stabilità generale del titolo. Lo ha reso noto il developer Chucklefish Games. Poco sotto, la lista completa del changelog del gioco (in lingua inglese): Minor ChangesGameplay now pauses while menu is open (single player only)Non-piercing projectiles (e.g.) rockets now stop at the edge of the entity they hit, correcting knockback direction from explosionsAdjusted player and other physics to behave better in zero gravityRemove gravity from asteroid fieldsAsteroid fields now ring their stars and can be entered at any positionAdd rail tram vehicles and tram stop objectsWhen opening inventory, first tab will be selected by defaultAuto-sorting inventory will also stack itemsAdd visual novel engineFix threat level of player ships to always be 1 for colonist purposesCheese is now considered produce and players will be paid to launch it into spaceMade several block types permeable to liquidsPerfect armor set now slightly weaker than tier 6 crafted armorsFix several issues with NPC pathfindingVarious performance improvementsEngineer and Mechanic crew members now give flat bonuses to ship speed and fuel efficiencyAncient Vaults will no longer regenerate if the game is restarted while the vault is openAdded unbanip and unbanuuid commands for serversRail platforms and trams can now be broken using the matter manipulatorModding API ChangesSupport script panes opening and closing with inventory (like containers)Item slots / grids in script panes now display tooltips for contained itemsSpecial keys are now passed separately to techs as special1, special2, and special3. If a player is lounging, they will be suppressed and instead passed to the active vehicle (if applicable)Support rectangular force regions with a linear force gradientSupport setting gravity for specific dungeon IDs in dungeon filesRework canvas widget bindings. Canvas widgets can now be bound to a Lua object and controlled directlySupport damage sources for vehiclesActiveItems will now include the player lua bindings when held by a playerTechs now have access to the message table for entity message handlingAdd celestial lua bindings for script panesBehavior nodes must now be explicitly defined in .nodes files. This includes specifying node parameters and outputs, with associated types. (Supported types: json, entity, position, vec2, number, bool, list, table, string)Behavior trees (.behavior) now explicitly specify whether a parameter is a blackboard key or a raw value. This includes parameters passed into module (sub-tree) nodes.Behavior node Lua implementations no longer directly perform blackboard lookups (BData methods). Lookups are performed before running the function, and the raw values are directly available in the “args” argument.Behavior node Lua implementations no longer directly set blackboard values. Node output is set by returning or yielding a second value. This second value is a table of output key to output values.Added Lua Bindingsworld.environmentStatusEffectsworld.materialHueShiftworld.modHueShiftworld.materialColorworld.setMaterialColorworld.entityTypeNameworld.setDungeonGravityworld.setDungeonBreathableworld.itemDropItemmcontroller.zeroGmcontroller.atWorldLimitphysics.setCollisionEnabledplayer.blueprintKnownplayer.unequipTechplayer.swapSlotItemplayer.setSwapSlotItemplayer.loungingInplayer.worldHasOrbitBookmarkplayer.orbitBookmarksplayer.systemBookmarksplayer.addOrbitBookmarkplayer.removeOrbitBookmarkplayer.addTeleportBookmarkplayer.isMappedplayer.mappedObjectsroot.materialConfigroot.modConfigroot.liquidConfigroot.elementalResistanceroot.dungeonMetadatavehicle.setForceRegionEnabledvehicle.setDamageSourceEnabledpane.setTitlewidget.activewidget.hasFocuswidget.registerMemberCallbackwidget.itemSlotItemwidget.setItemSlotProgresswidget.bindCanvasentity.persistentRemoved Lua BindingsactiveItem.giveOwnerItem (now available via player)activeItem.ownerHasItem (now available via player)activeItem.takeOwnerItem (now available via player)player.addBookmark (use addTeleportBookmark / addOrbitBookmark instead)root.materialPath (use materialConfig instead)root.getConfiguration (removed for security)root.setConfiguration (removed for security)root.getConfigurationPath (removed for security)root.setConfigurationPath (removed for security)Fonte: Dualshockers