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Gli achievements di DAH: Path of the Furon

Gli achievements di DAH: Path of the Furon

Destroy all Humans! Path of the Furon
A cura di Davide “Spetz” Spotti del 08/10/2008
THQ ha svelato la lista degli obiettivi per Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon. Di seguito riportiamo l'elenco completo:

* High Roller: Complete all story missions in Las Paradiso (20).
* Destroy All Humans!: Destroy 1,979 Humans (20).
* A-Lister: Complete all story missions in Sunnywood (20).
* Zen Master: Complete all story missions in Shen Long (25).
* Big Fromage: Complete all story missions in Belleville (30).
* Furon Commander: Complete all story missions on the 4th Ring of Furon (35).
* Pox's Apprentice: Complete half of the Odd Jobs in the game (20).
* The Emperor's Agent: Complete all odd jobs in the game (40).
* Sacred Son of Arkvoodle: Activate all of the landing zones in every invasion site (30).
* Apocalypse Right Now: Complete all Missions, Odd Jobs, Challenges, and unlock all Landing Zones (90).
* Biologist: Collect 10000 Furon DNA (20).
* Biochemist: Collect 1000000 Furon DNA (25).
* Brain Surgeon: Collect 5000000 Furon DNA (30).
* Sleeps with the Fishes: Destroy 15 Mobsters in Las Paradiso (20).
* THQ 1138: Destroy 15 Lunarian Thugs in Sunnywood (20).
* Fist of Furon: Destroy 15 Triads in Shen Long (20).
* The Francodyne Connection: Destroy 15 Francodyne Guards (25).
* Red Scare: Destroy 25 Red Nexosporidium Warriors on the 4th Ring of Furon (35).
* Massive Damage: Trash 500 vehicles (20).
* Paradiso Pursuer: Find all the Furon Crash Test Dummies in Las Paradiso (20).
* Sunnywood Seeker: Find all the Furon Emperor Statues in Sunnywood (20).
* Shen Long Scout: Find all of Pox's Record Collection in Shen Long (20).
* Belleville Beneficiary: Find all the Furon Nails in Belleville (20).
* Furon Factfinder: Find all the Lava Lamps on the 4th Ring of Furon (20).
* Fist Master: Use the Temporal Fist 75 times (20).
* Carnie: Beat the Furon Librarian's high score in all of the Humania Games (20).
* Shock Trooper: Shock 100 humans with the Zap-O-Matic (20).
* Proctologist: Probe 100 humans with the Anal Probe (20).
* Horticulturist: Feed 100 humans to the Venus Human Trap (20).
* Furoball Dribbler: Bounce 100 humans with the Superballer (20).
* Furon in the Sky: Liquify 100 buildings with the Death Ray (20).
* Flyswatter: Take down 100 airborne enemies with the Seeker Drones (20).
* DAHM Master: Find all 8 DAHMs (25).
* Pro-Pain: Las Paradiso - Shoot a Propane tank cluster to blow up a building (10).
* The 'Wood: Sunnywood - Destroy "SUNNY" on the Sunnywood sign (10).
* Globeclotter: Sunnywood - Destroy several humans within 3 seconds with the globe (10).
* Donut Holed: Sunnywood - Throw a civilian through the donut hole (10).
* Definitely Not in Kansas: Shen Long - Unleash the Tornadotron to throw tons of shipyard crates in the air (10).
* Monkish Bowling: Shen Long - Use the bowling ball to bowl over at least 3 monks with a single throw (10).
* Barge Boomer: Belleville - Destroy the barges (10).
* Arc de Umph: Belleville - Throw a human above the Arc (10).
* Crypto Sutra: Complete all Paths of Enlightenment (90).