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Svelati obiettivi per Hail to the Chimp

Svelati obiettivi per Hail to the Chimp

Hail to the Chimp
A cura di Davide “Spetz” Spotti del 18/06/2008
Gamecock Media e Wideload Games hanno reso nota la lista degli achievements che saranno contenuti in Hail to the Chimp.

Alderman - Clear the Ptolemy, Floyd, and Daisy Challenges 25
Also-Ran - 20 Team-ups with the person in 4th place 20
Animal's Choice - Finish the single player game without losing a round 50
Ballot Ballet - Claim all Wells in a game of "Clam in Every Pot" 20
Banzai - Survive an event where all other characters die 20
Bear Necessity - Win Hedwig Recount Challenge 10
Button Masher - Claim all buttons in a game of Othello 20
Clam Digger - Go for 60 seconds holding 20 clams 50
Comeback Kid - 10 games after not 1st within 10 seconds of game over 25
Concerned Citizen - Unlock all Attack ads 5
Couch Potato - Unlock all Commercials 5
Creditor - Watch the credits all the way through 20
Cursive - Win 10 games using 5 or more curses per game 20
Da Bomb - Punch 20 bombs 20
Dark Horse - Win 10 games after 4th place at halfway point 25
Diplomat - Go 60 seconds without throwing a punch and not dying 30
Educated Voter - Unlock all Campaign Ads 5
For the Animals - Finish the single player game 45
Globetrotter - Unlock all Maps 15
I Get Around - Team up with every character 20
Litter Bug - Claim all Yardsigns in a game of Yardsigns 20
New Coat of Paint - Win Santo Recount Challenge 10
Non Stop Party - Win Ptolemy Recount Challenge 10
Now Now Now - Win Bean Recount Challenge 10
Pacifist - Win a round without throwing a punch 50
Party Animal - Win once with every character 10
Passing Wind - Survive being pursued by the cloud for three minutes 25
Platytude - Win Daisy Recount Challenge 10
Player Hater - Kill any character's rival 25 times using that character 20
Policy Wonk - Unlock all Debates 5
Positive Campaigner - Win a 3 round campaign without throwing a punch 75
Prime Candidate - Win a multiplayer game in every gametype 20
Pro Simian - Win Crackers Recount Challenge 10
Representative - Clear the the challenges for Toshiro, Hedwig, Bean, Moxie 35
Saline Solution - Win Toshiro Recount Challenge 10
Senator - Clear the Murgatroyd and Santo challenges 40
Silent Majority - Win Murgatroyd Recount Challenge 10
Some Friend - Betray 25 teamups 20
Sound Mind - Win Floyd Recount Challenge 10
Team Player - Win 10 games while teamed up 20
The Chosen One - Finish all recount challenges without losing a round 25
Top Dog - Win a game of frontrunner without allowing anyone else to be frontrunner 20
Tourist - Get your first piece of Flair 10
Untouchable - Block 10 attacks in a Row 25
Whiff of Change - Win Moxie Recount Challenge 10
World Leader - Win a multiplayer game on every map 40