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Ratchet & Clank: i dettagli delle patch 1.03 e 1.04

Ratchet & Clank: i dettagli delle patch 1.03 e 1.04

Ratchet & Clank
A cura di Samuele “SamWolf” Zaboi del 28/04/2016
Insomniac Games ha condiviso dettagli sull'aggiornamento 1.03 di Ratchet & Clank. Questo è già disponibile negli Stati Uniti mentre approderà in Europa nelle prossime. Potete consultare il changelog completo qui di seguito:

Update 1.03

Balance FMV and game volume

Trading Cards
Adjusted card drop probabilities

Adjustments to hoverboard races

Trade Up
Fixed issue where trophy could not be unlocked if all cards are collected before trading.

Fixed issue where players got stuck on Aridia near hydrodisplacer section
Fixed issue where players could not obtain Gold Bolt on Gaspar
Fixed issue where players couldn't finish flying section (and trophy) on Pokitaru due to crash.
Fixed issue where hoverboard races on Rilgar were not available
Fixed issue where players could get stuck on Warship in Nebula G34
Fixed issue where players could get stuck on Kalebo III
Fixed issue where players could get stuck during trespasser puzzle on Deplanetizer
Fixed issue where dying at the same time as the final boss causes fight to contantly reload
Fixed issue where Hologuise isn't available on Deplanetizer.
Fixed issue where Grim's garage won't open on Veldin after killing enemies.
Fixed issue where game could crash on Batalia while obtaining RYNO card.
Fixed issue where cinematic on Aridia would play when dying before clearing area.
Fixed issue where XP/levels gained after final boss would not carry over to new Challenge Mode.

Oltre a questo, la software house ha annunciato che la prossima settimana verrà pubblicato anche l'aggiornamento 1.04 di Ratchet & Clank, con le seguenti novità:

Photo Mode
Use "No HUD" cheat with the Plasma Striker zoom

Big Al's audio should now properly play

Tech Head
Trophy should unlock properly

Fixed issue where Kerwan train sequence wouldn't start.
Fixed issue on Pokitaru where Big Al/Felton would not progress back to ship.
Fixed issue where crates would disappear at certain camera angles.
Fixed issue on Nebula G34 where player could not progress after boss fight.
Fixed issue where boost rings would sometimes disappear during hoverboard races.
The Bouncer now retains XP and upgrades if entitlement is lost.