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Disponibile un aggiornamento di Towerfall Ascension

Disponibile un aggiornamento di Towerfall Ascension

Towerfall: Ascension



Disponibile - 15 dicembre 2015 (Vita - US)

A cura di Antonello “AWesker” Buzzi del 21/08/2014
Segnaliamo ai nostri lettori che è stata pubblicata una patch di aggiornamento di Towerfall Ascension per Playstation 4. L'aggiornamento verrà scaricato automaticamente una volta connessa la console ad Internet.

Ecco di seguito il changelog ufficiale:
New Stuff:
Nine new variants:
Regenerating Arrows - If you have no arrows, you’ll gain one after a short time
Regenerating Shields - If you have no shield, you’ll gain one after a short time
Infinite Drills - Drill arrows will continuously drill through surfaces forever
Anti-Gravity Arrows - Arrows will never fall or lose seeking
Small Quivers - Lowers your max arrow count to 3
Speed Boots - Increases your movement speed
Super Seeking Arrows - Arrows seek a lot more
Encumbrance - The more arrows you have, the slower you move
Trigger Corpses - Hold the shoot button to explode your corpse! :D
Added ~???~

Rebalanced a few Backfire versus mode level layouts
Bumping into a teammate (in Team Deathmatch or co-op Quest) will now trade an arrow to even out your arrow counts, if possible
You can now change your facing direction while ducking
Powerups spawned from the bottomless treasure chest will now timeout and despawn after 5 seconds
Removed variants from the Randomize Variants pool: Cursed Bows, Cursed Dodges, No Slipping, Start with Super Bomb Arrows
Made the Return As Ghosts ghost controls a bit faster and more responsive
Arrows no longer collide with treasure chests in the short time they are flashing after they appear
Can no longer hold the shoot button to prevent your corpse explosion with Exploding Corpses variant (the new Trigger Corpses variant replaced this)
Changed how Most Trigger-Happy Award is rated. Previously it went to the archer who shot the most arrows, now it goes to the player who spams consecutive arrows the most
Changed requirement for Massive Mythology trophy to 5,000 rounds (was 20,000)
Changed requirement for Thief’s Badge trophy to 10 diamond medals (was 30)
Changed time requirement for Time Lord trophy to 2:15 (was 2:00)

Other Changes:
Added option to disable controller rumble
New variants added in patches will now show up as “NEW!” in-game the next time you play
Returning to Archer Select from Versus match end menu now un-joins all players, so you can all repick
You can now activate the Exploding Corpses and Return As Ghosts variants simultaneously
Random vetoed levels (press L2 on a level on the map to veto it) are now remembered until the game is restarted
Can now press the random veto button (L2) on the random map tile to quickly cancel all vetoes

Fixed Tall Tales and Massive Mythology trophies never unlocking
Fixed the new variant ‘!’ on the variants menu not drawing with the correct transparency
Fixed facing direction flipping when another player bumps you while you’re ducking
Picking up your own crown no longer counts toward the Usurper Award
Picking up your own hat now only counts toward the Most Fashionable award if you were previously hatless
Fixed Koala Hunter Award only counting stomp kills
Fixed replays during slow mo being really short
Fixed drill arrows still seeking while drilling when No Seeking Arrows variant is activated
Fixed being able to catch arrows if you dodge right as they hit you even if you have the No Dodging variant activated
Fixed Cursed Dodges variant killing you after an arrow catch if that arrow was caught during the grace period after being hit