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Patch 1.09 per <b>Killzone 3</b>

Patch 1.09 per Killzone 3

Killzone 3





23 Febbraio 2011

A cura di Rosario “rspecial1” Speciale del 01/06/2011
Da domani sarà disponibile per Killzone 3 la patch 1.09 che conterrà numerose novità elencate di seguito:


* Added Colour blind support – When turned ‘On’ all enemy players and objects will be underlined. This is the case for the minimap and in-game, such as player names.
* Frozen Dam – Operations – The first mission in is now 6 minutes again
* Move - Fixed continuous rumble when the PlayStation Eye camera connected
* Move - When interacting with a Search & Destroy objective the player will no longer also do a melee
* Junkyard - Players can no longer get in an Exoskeleton while using a Jetpack
* Blood Gracht – Fixed a hang when the Recon ability was used
* Fixed a bug where the clan rating decreased after the clan had won a Warzone tournament game
* Fixed a hang on the joining screen after the player was kicked (or quit) a game
* Clans – Fixed an issue where all users received the error 2- (scores cannot be processed) when entering a Guerrilla Warfare match
* Fixed a crash when connecting to a custom Warzone game
* Fixed a hang when a player with DLC sets up a custom game to start on a DLC map, transfers the leadership to a non-DLC user and this new leader attempts to start the game
* Fixed a 10006 network error when joining a Guerrilla Warfare game


* Fixed various collision issues on DLC maps
* Frozen Dam - Warzone - Fixed a spot where players could get stuck behind an ammo crate and an oil drum near the Dam tactical spawn point.
* Accepting a squad invite from the opposing faction will no longer quit the game.
* Corinth River - Botzone – Fixed an issue with Bots falling through the map
* Corinth River - Botzone – Fixed a crash in Botzone


* Blood Gracht - Fixed a spot where players can get out of the map
* MAWLR Graveyard - Operations - Fixed a spot where players can get out of the map during the second objective that should only be accessible once the objective is completed.
* Salamun Market – Fixed a spot where, using an Exoskeleton, the player could escape the confines of the map
* Bilgarsk Boulevard - Fixed a spot where players can get out of the map
* Stahl Arms – Fixed ISA members accessing the Helghast base without being seen by turrets
* Players now get the XP they earned after getting kicked from a game

User Interface

* Expanded the information about the Multiplayer status of a friend in the XMB. It will now show the game mode and the map that the player is in.
* In some cases players would still experience Scoreboard flickering. This has been fixed
* Silent Footsteps icon is now properly visible in game
* Fixed an issue with Clan Leaderboards after switching clans
* Small Localization fixes
* Updates to loading screens
* Clan Tag now updates properly after disbanding a clan
* Campaign - Elite emblem now updates properly
* Fixed a network error when downloading DLC via the main menu 'Downloadable Content' option


* Fixed various graphical glitches on DLC maps
* Fixed an issue with the Search and Retrieve object for the Marksman when cloaked
* Retro Pack – Fixed an issue with the minimap
* Stahl Arms – Fixed an animation problem for players standing on top of the mechanical welding arm. They moved unrealistically when observed by other players