Trofei per Operation Flashpoint: RR

Sony ha elencato oggi i trofei che potremo raccogliere nel corso di Operation Flashpoint: Red River.Avremo 44 Trofei bronzo (di cui 10 nascosti story-related), 3 argento, 3 oro e l'ambito Platino.

Ma eccovi l'elenco completo:

Trofei Bronzo:

Welcome To Gissar – Complete Welcome To Tajikistan
Protection Detail – Complete Meet The Neighbors
Venomous Bite – Complete The Human Terrain
Doing It The Hard Way – Complete Almost Too Easy
Work Your Bolt – Complete The Wrong Way
Devils At The Crossroad – Complete Careful What You Wish For…
The Alamo, Vahdat – Complete Line In The Sand
Keeping It Simple – Complete 1st & 10, Let’s Do It Again
Freeing The Eagles – Complete Vantage Point
Shock And Ore – Complete End Of The Beginning
Sweeper – Complete one of the Combat Sweep FTE maps
Defender – Complete one of the Last Stand FTE maps
Rescuer – Complete one of the CSAR FTE maps
Protector – Complete one of the Rolling Thunder FTE maps
Peacekeeper – Complete and survive a Combat Sweep mission having killed all enemies and destroyed all caches
Get To The Chopper! – Complete a Last Stand mission to stage 4, wave 4 and escape alive
Package Delivered – Complete and survive a CSAR mission, rescuing both pilots
Thunder Run – Complete and survive a Rolling Thunder mission with the entire convoy surviving
Operation Enduring Shield – Complete Act 1 of the campaign
Hardened – Max out one core soldier skill
Outlaw 2′s Brave – Obtain the highest level for one character class
With A Little Help – Play Red River with three other friends
Catch This! – Destroy an enemy vehicle with the FGM-148 Anti Tank Weapon
Buzz Kill – Destroy an enemy vehicle with the FIM-92 Anti Aircraft Weapon
Driver’s Ed – Drive a humvee
Danger Close – Call in Combat Support and be within 300m of it when it lands
Pride Of Balletto – Complete a mission as the Auto Rifleman
Pride Of Kirby – Complete a mission as the Rifleman
Pride Of Soto – Complete a mission as the Scout
Pride Of Taylor – Complete a mission as the Grenadier
Weaponsmith – Customize a weapon
Of The People, For The People – Pick up an enemy AK
Old Enemies Die Hard – Kill your first PLA soldier in the Red River campaign
Trofei Nascosti (10)

Trofei Argento:

Operation Unbroken Resistance – Complete Act 2 of the campaign
Veteran – Max out three core soldier skills
Outlaw 2′s Finest – Obtain the highest level for two character classes

Trofei Oro:

Operation Dragon Slayer – Complete Act 3 of the campaign
Lifer – Max out all core soldier skills
Outlaw 2′s Hero – Obtain the highest level for all character classes

Trofei Platino:

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Operation Flashpoint: Red River sarà disponibile il 21 aprile per PlayStation 3, XBox 360 e PC.
Data di uscita: 21 aprile 2011
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