Sword of the Stars - patch 1.6.3

E' disponibile per il download la patch 1.6.3 di Sword of the Stars: A Murder of Crows.
Dimensioni del File: 55 MB

Ecco il changelog:

* New loading splash-screen art
* Trade UI modified to separate routes from stations and systems
* Added important snap points to sliders in the Population Manager
* Updated the “End Of Flesh” scenario to include the Morrigi player position
* Sort fleets by construction ships
* Optimized AI and improved AI handling of morale issues
* Corrected issues with the Progression Wars scenario (Note: Issues may remain in old saved games)
* Defense Manager screen enhanced along with defender arrival positions in combat
* Spinal mount tech can now be unlocked by either Particle Beam or Heavy Drivers
* Fixed negative savings aid bug and all known issues where Morrigi fleet speed was not being updated
Data di uscita: 22 Settembre 2006
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