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King's Bounty The Legend - patch 1.6.5

King's Bounty The Legend - patch 1.6.5

King's Bounty: The Legend
A cura di Davide “Spetz” Spotti del 22/10/2008
E' disponibile per il download la patch 1.6.5 di King's Bounty: The Legend.
Dimensioni del File: 9 MB

Ecco il changelog:

* No more crashes on FX5xxx video cards
* Duration of Poison Cloud determines the amount of attacks that Cloud makes before disappearing
* Holy Anger skill doesn't affect demons and undead in the player's army
* Blade Dance talent used for healing now takes into consideration the level of damage inflicted
* Items going out of the player's control give no bonuses to player's morality level
* Emerald Dragons receive the Immunity to Mind effect
* Defend characteristic of Zerock's Wall now equals 10
* AI calculation formula of Gremlin Towers inside items changed
* Default button in Options mode restores default settings
* "C" (Cast) button in adventure mode opens the Book of Magic
* While moving to different locations the loading bar is now blue
* Infrequent crashes when loading saved games taken care of
* Mistake in calculating morality of items and their pop-up windows fixed
* Calculation of the level of character and spirits of rage now depends on difficulty level
* Neoka wife can have children
* Fight won't start while the hero opens chests, digs for treasures or travels using the Book of Life/Death
* Vampires are now under control after transformation to bats
* Order of units' turns renews after each action
* Changes to Initiative for shocked units influence on current round
* Enemy units do not cast magic spells on invisible units
* Improved pop-up tip appearance/rendering for distant attacks
* Greasy Mist spell gets damage bonuses from items and doesn't decrease resistance of creatures with fire immunity
* Snakes can use Lunge skill against any objects they can attack on the arena
* Pop-up window of Ghost blade spell is corrected
* Effect of Dispell when casting on hypnotized and charmed creatures improved
* Quests pending when arriving to Darion on submarine fixed
* Bug causing two units to appear in one hex fixed
* Game does not crash when inventory is re-sorted
* Pop-up window fixed when there are similar improving morality level items in inventory fixed
* Crash when turning the pages of the Book of Magic on PCs with a lack of video memory fixed
* Shader error on old ATI video cards fixed
* Crashes of the game when saving fixed
* Inert enemy phantom units removed (works for previously saved games only)
* Incorrect counters of resources collected and enemies killed in several quests fixed
* Error with rendering of several text messages simultaneously has been fixed
* Mage receives two scrolls of magic after beating Giant Tortoise
* Missing pictures showing portals' fixed
* Children are chosen from the list randomly after loading when loading the same saved game
* Incarnations of Haas being killed before getting the Skaar's quest will be taken into account (all kills of the above mentioned incarnations before patch installation will be lost)
* The morality of enemy units is always neutral
* Message about item's suppression doesn't appear if the item changes morality itself (in version 1.6)
* Hero can now be controled with "W","A","D" buttons, "E" button is for digging (parameter setf ~enablewsad 1 in game.ini file)
* Other small improvements