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Supreme Ruler 2020 - patch 5.4.1

Supreme Ruler 2020 - patch 5.4.1

Supreme Ruler 2020




A cura di Davide “Spetz” Spotti del 14/10/2008
E' disponibile per il download la patch 5.4.1 di Supreme Ruler 2020.
Dimensioni del File: 70 MB

Ecco il changelog:

- A new Scenario, “Saudi Invasion”: The Saudi Royal Family has been overthrown, and the U.S. must act quickly to prevent the new militant regime from gaining a foothold in the Middle East and disrupting oil supplies worldwide.
- New ‘Provocation’ reporting in the scorecard to better assess threats from other regions
- Multiplayer additions and enhancements including new chat features and enhanced stability
- New Units and New Technologies added
- New Spy Espionage Missions to enable stealing technologies and designs
- AI improvements based on player feedback
- User interface enhancements
- Various game play fixes and improvements