Trackmania Nations Forever - patch 2.11.17

E' disponibile la patch 2.11.17 di Trackmania Nations Forever.
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Ecco il changelog:

* Referee: when a player disconnected after making a new score, the score wasn't validated and wasn't reset and the server blocked in the podium. (added a timeout on the server, and fixed the client - check the end of the message)
* some more coherence checks to detect simple cheats. (But nothing replaces referees!)
* CupMode: added an optional parameter to NextChallenge() and RestartChallenge() to allow keeping the current match scores.
* CupMode: fixed SetWarmUp() (SetWarmUp(false) did reset all the current scores, and SetWarmUp(true) didn't restart counting the number of warmup runs from zero)
* CupMode: don't overwrite scores at the end of the warmup. (ie any call to ForceScore() were previously useless during warmup)
* CupMode: added CheckEndMatchCondition(), to help knowing whether the cup mode match is over or will switch to an other map, without having to reimplement the rules in the plugins.
* Laps mode: added a new header in the replays: , to help making sense out of the validation replays saved in laps mode.
* The player tags were broken when the P2P was disabled on the server.
* ForceSpectator() now also respects ladder limits.
* new method GetLadderServerLimits()
* SetForcedSkins()/GetForcedSkins(): new methods to help people doing F1 or Monster trucks, ... competitions have everybody use a "good" skin. It allows to have an explicit list of allowed skins and replacement skins.)
* SetForcedMusic() can now take either an url or a filename to a file on the server (relative to Gamedata folder)
* GetDetailedPlayerInfo().Skins.Environnement now contains the environment name, rather than always 'Vehicles'
* fixed rare crash when build a replay.
* bug workaround: after ~45 days, the time overflows (a bit like the Y2K bug) and the sever starts doing weird stuff... It will now quit preventively instead.
Data di uscita: 16 aprile
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