Mercenaries 2 - patch 1.1

E' disponibile per il download la patch 1.1 di Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.
Dimensioni del File: 12 MB

Ecco il changelog:

v1.1 Bug Fixes :

* When the user sets the shader level to low in the options menu, the user can set the shaders back to high again.
* The user can now cancel a contract by using a controller.
* The user can set the volume levels to high and low using the mouse properly now.
* When the user fails to find another player using "Custom Match" the menu options function normally.
* Joystick sensitivity now operates as designed.
* Adjusting the view distance from the main menu functions properly now.
* The user can no longer create accounts using "spaces" in their names, thus allowing them to search online for names properly.
* Paper animations have been removed from the game.
* All common 16:9 and 4:3 resolutions are now available.
* ****NOTE: DVI Cable connections will only return a limited number of resolutions****
* Default brightness now works when selecting the "Default" setting.
Data di uscita: Disponibile dal 5 settembre 2008
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