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Lost Empires Immortals - patch 1.04

Lost Empires Immortals - patch 1.04

Lost Empires Immortals
A cura di Davide “Spetz” Spotti del 17/05/2008
Disponibile per il download la patch 1.04 di Lost Empires Immortals.
Dimensioni del File: 1 MB

Ecco il changelog completo:

* Added Angel star system – congratulations to Gamespot contest winner Emma Wolski
* Added WoXingWoSu star system – congratulations to contest winner Luca Fiamenghi.
* Added Topo star system – congratulations to contest winner Fiore Sabattini.
* Added Giada star system – congratulations to contest winner Ambra Tanaglia.
* Added Italia star system – congratulations to contest winner Clementa Pomati.
* Added Roberto star system – congratulations to contest winner Roberto Passarello.
* Crash: Fixed crash bug during some battles involving fighters
* Crash: Fixed another error on start-up on Vista systems.
* Miscellaneous: Improved Alkith leader last names (courtesy of Iceman)
* Crash: Fixed crash bug during some battles introduced in the beta
* Battles: More optimizations for AI-only battles so turn times are not too slow when the AI players are at war with each other.
* Savegames: Fixed bug in game that would corrupt your savegames if you deleted a design then created a new design and built ships from the new design
* Savegames: Added logic to repair savegames affected by the above bug.
* User Interface: You can press the F key while on the main galaxy display to view your FPS.
* Battles: Fixed bug where race specials Fights to the Last Man and Thinks In 3 Dimensions sometimes had their bonus double-counted.
* Battles: Fixed bugs in ship targeting.
* Battles: Fixed bugs in electronics targeting.
* Battles: Fixed bugs causing weapons to sometimes fire too fast.
* Battles: Fixed bug where ships with more than one of the same type of planetary weapon would only fire one of the weapons instead of all of them.
* Battles: Improved turn processing speed when calculating fleet battles.
* Battles: Greatly improved turn processing speed for large fleet battles (fleet battle with 700+ ships went from over 12 minutes processing to under 20 seconds).
* Battle Viewer: Automatically scales down the number of ships shown in large battles to prevent performance degradation or crashes while watching battle results of large fleet battles.
* Crash: Fixed rare crash when End Turn pressed.
* Crash: Fixed (hopefully) crash at start-up on Vista systems that have UAC enabled. If your game crashes on startup and you are using Vista, please post in the forums. In the meantime, Right click the game icon and choose Run As Administrator.
* User Interface: If you right-click the End Turn button, the AI will play your turn for you. Prepare to be amazed.
* Crash: Fixed crash while rendering star names and fleet ship counts
* Modified main menu to display the full version of the game (ie instead of just 1.0.3)
* AI: Fixed bug which prevented AI players from allying with Immortals.
* AI: Fixed bugs in diplomatic AI which caused it to reject offers from you when it should have accepted them.
* AI: Improved AI’s selection of colony types
* AI: AI will now make use of the Fortress colony type on occasion
* AI: AI will now make better decisions on how to use leaders instead of always using them as miners.
* AI: Hopefully AI will no longer “just stop doing anything” mid-game.
* Turn Processing: Fixed bug which caused spies spying on fleets to never stay on the job more than 1 turn.
* Turn Processing: Fixed bug which generated too much trade income in certain cases.
* Turn Processing: Fixed bug where Government Improvement Cost Modifier was not getting applied correctly.
* Turn Processing: Fixed bug where Leader bonuses to improvement costs were not getting applied correctly.
* Turn Processing: Ship upkeep is now paid before planetary improvements are built or terraforming is performed.
* Turn Processing: Fixed bug where ship mineral upkeep costs were using the food upkeep numbers.
* Turn Processing: Fixed bug in credit income calculations.
* Balance: Leader bonus for the Admiral job are now only half as big as bonuses for other jobs.
* Balance: Total ship upkeep bonus for the Leader Admiral job is now capped at 50% (instead of 100% like other jobs).
* Merged Galaxy Mod into main game. New galaxies are now available to everyone
* Merged Galaxy Generator Tool into main game. You can use the tool in the LEI installation folder to create new galaxy types
* Improved installer’s ability to correctly identify currently installed LEI version. Will also offer to allow you to proceed with the installation even if it does not think you have 1.0.3 or later installed already.
* Tweaked the logging code to ensure the log file is always closed properly.