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The Witcher - v1.3 Digital Download Patch

The Witcher - v1.3 Digital Download Patch

The Witcher


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26 Ottobre 2007

A cura di Davide “Spetz” Spotti del 01/01/2007
Disponibile per il download la patch v1.3 di The Witcher.
Dimensioni del File: 322.81 MB

Ecco il changelog:
- Fixed various localization issues for English, French, Italian, German and Spanish languages,
- Fixed combat abilities 'Patinado' and 'Sinister' issue when proper modifier has not been applied correctly under given circumstances,

Code bugs fixed:
- Fixed a few random crashes in Prologue and Chapters 1, 2 and 3,
- Fixed crash in Act 4 when running near exit to lakeside from village to inn,
- Fixed game crash when using Alt+Tab, especially while loading location or game,
- Fixed dialogue camera shots on standing up characters,
- Fixed issue with 'Game Paused' text disappear occasionally after exiting game panel when game was paused during opening of a panel,
- Fixed issue with disabled attack when player holds block for a long time and then immediately tries to strike,
- Fixed various issues regarding mousedrive steering and pathfinding,
- Fixed weapon enchants not updating properly when switching weapon slots or dropping weapon from inventory panel,
- Fixed issue with Geralt not attacking immobile creatures or not approaching objects from a certain distance,
- Fixed issue with blocking middle mouse button during some cutscenes and when fistfight starts,
- Fixed occasional issues with sheathing weapon after combat and on Alt+Tab,
- Fixed issue with breaking meditation mode if Geralt is attacked when entering meditation