GC Echo Squad SE - patch 2.10.06

Disponibile per il download la patch 2.10.06 di Galactic Command: Echo Squad SE.
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Ecco il changelog completo:

1. Added violations (VIO) info to the cockpit HUD.
2. Added medals count to the orders display
3. Added campaign theatre info to the cockpit HUD. This gives an at-a-glance look at the scenario timers without having to use the VDD/ACM mode.

T - Theatre
S - Start time
E - End time
N - Next scenario start time

4. Added native support for 1280x800 and 1920x1200 16:10 widescreen display modes.

NOTE:This will delete your configuration file, thus creating a new default one. So be sure to set your Config options again.

5. Increased the minimum docking range from 1km to 10km
6. Increased Commlink log size delete prompt from 32K to 1MB
7. Changed COMMAND menu save game texts to: "QUIT & SAVE WITH RESUME" and "QUIT & SAVE WITH RESTORE"
8. Time will no longer have passed when you dock and re-launch.

When you dock (to perform repairs, re-arm etc) the world is still being updated. So if the total repairs time is, e.g. 30 mins, when you launch, that amount of time would have elapsed. In some cases, if you had a lot of repairs and you dock towards the end of the current scenario operations, when you launch you may find that the next scenario is already in progress. You can still check for orders you may have missed, but there is a possibility that you may also miss some specific instructions which could get you taken off active duty eventually.

With this revision, even though the elapsed time is still calculated, this time is no longer elapsed when you launch. So if you dock at 21:00, when you launch, the time would be closer to 21:01 than 21:30 (assuming the repairs/rearming took thirty minutes).

In effect, we're just dumbing down the game even further because normally, due to the game's real-time processing nature, this behaviour is normal and thats how the game engine was developed to behave.

9. The ability to select component repairs stats in Logistix has been disabled.

This used to occur when you click on a fighter component as this calls up the engineering work order. This is part of our underlying game engine that is not needed in the GALCOM due to the singular REPAIRS button which does a batch repair job in a single click and saves time (so you don't have to select each damaged component to repair). Normally, in order to save on repair time (see above), you would just pick the most important components to repair, then launch. This would minimize the time you spent docked and thus ensures that you don't miss much of the on-going fleet operations due to time passing.

10. FIXED: When using the mouse as the flight controller, axes were swapped if you also had a joystick plugged in and joystick swap roll/yaw was enabled in Config
11. FIXED: When you dock, the REPAIRS button is not active once the current date/time has been calculated and displayed. You have to switch to WEAPONS, then switch back and click the button before the date/time is displayed.
12. FIXED: Some minor widescreen (mostly) text display issues in various areas.
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