Sim City Societies - patch 1.03.140

Disponibile per il download la patch 1.03.140 di Sim City Societies.
Dimensioni del File: 115 MB

Ecco il changelog:

New features:

In all modes of play:

* Added The Burgazoid 6000 disaster. he product of an experiment in efficient cheeseburger service gone awry, the Burgazoid 6000 shoots laser beams. His footfalls cause mini-earthquakes
* Added The Ornithosaurus Wrecks disaster. A gigantic horned bird-like monster who hurls fire from his beak; his footfalls cause mini-earthquakes.
* Six new events: epidemic, investment bubble, riot, strike, scientific breakthrough, pilgrimage,
* Two new crises: religious holiday, counter-cultural revolution.
* New building abilities for Eyesore, Minor Eyesore, Contagious, Inspiration
* Mod management tool, accessible from the main menu. Enables you to enable/disable or delete mods. Provides link to the mod exchange online.

New Buildings:

* Additional variants of 15 home types.
* Two new venues – Supermarket and Carousel
* Two new workplaces—Warehouse, Low-rise Office Building

Fixes and improvements:

* Fix for Having a very large city with a very high worker population while the Happiness Icon indicator is turned on causes the game to crash
* Fix for - GREEK - The HotKeys "V" and "Shift+V" are not functional
* Fix for crash that could occur on exit with a fire in the city
* Fix for: Hitting return to the main menu skipping prompts for save/load when it comes after an achievement
* Fix for goto nearest firestation button not working with district fire stations
* Fix for camera not focusing on UFO attack after focusing on Fire (However, it is still possible for the camera to be below the UFO if the UFO is very high when the “!” button is clicked.)
* Fix for Creepy smoke and ghost effects don't activate when entering haunted profiles
* Fix for building costs not updating in gallery when cost modifier is in effect
* Fix for crash for unaligned particle memory with new ATI Catalyst 8.3 drivers
* Fix for Building Ghosts not displaying Custom Textures as they are being placed
* Fix for Culture Car Sets not being expandable
* Fix for ambients being unable to be overwritten by mods
* Fix for custom bump maps not showing up in game
* Fix for: high-resolutions textures are not swapping out even when camera is too high to benefit from their detail. Reduces memory usage.
* Fix for: error in shadow and batch rendering that may have been causing some DirectX errors / slowdowns
* Changes in materials handling and in UI texture pinning reduce memory usage
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