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Vampire - Bloodlines - patch 5.1 (NON UFF)

Vampire - Bloodlines - patch 5.1 (NON UFF)

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines


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A cura di Davide “Spetz” Spotti del 01/01/2007
Disponibile per il download la patch 5.0 per Vampire: The Masquerade. Vi ricordiamo che si tratta di una patch non ufficiale, che, per funzionare correttamente, richiede l'installazione della patch 1.2.
Dimensioni del File: 137 MB

Ecco il changelog completo:

* Removed Intimidation powerup of grenade prop and added it to basic.
* Restored Protean 4/5 damage and some enemy discipline resistances.
* Made Tseng sell Shin Guntos and normal crossbows instead of Slater.
* Restored unused name plate, throwing star and library card models.
* Fixed new item models and female Tremere glasses, thanks to MooCHa.
* Made only Mercurio sell SWAT rifle rounds and Pyro Crossbow bolts.
* Restored five vendor and three context icons and Giovanni's cabbie.
* Made Yukie invincible at Temple and streamlined Gary's phone call.
* Restored hotel guard and warehouse Markus models, thanks to gardeb.
* Added fade and sound when loving Romero and sound to pimpin quest.
* Restored second Sabbat into warehouse and fixed MP infos and clans.
* Improved Santa Monica rain speed and visuals, thanks to ZylonBane.
* Armed sewer hunters with GLOCKs and sword hunters with Shin Guntos.
* Restored a Gargoyle gesture and removed some of Regent and Prince.
* Added special Jeanette email and repaired super-sensible Fu guards.
* Removed Romero returning from basic but added him to pimpin quest.
* Placed female bums into SM and adjusted cash inventory description.
* Made cameras stackable and renamed SWAT rifle "Remington M24 SWS".
* Added Firemage animations and fixed subtitles for dominated victim.
* Fixed many enemies not damaging each other even when Blood Boilded.
* Delayed Boris' Dementation reaction and made Dima leave when sent.
* Turned all armor and Ocean House pendant not stashable or loosable.
* Locked buggy Temple door for good and fixed more props and sounds.
* Repaired Tseng shelves problem and added a missing Shu quest state.
* Corrected Vandal, Isaac, Misti, Victor and Luca dialogue problems.
* Added sound for Giovanni sliding doors and two missing email lines.
* Fixed Lu, Heather, Gargoyle, Regent, Trip and Ash dialogue issues.
* Renamed Cathayan "Fernando Cougat" and fixed Heather's morgue date.
* Corrected bad Jeanette quest update and made Cal getting re-hired.
* Fixed several left over basic/plus stat details, thanks to Offkorn.
* Added warehouse start astrolite check and fixed minor text issues.
* Removed unfitting sounds at Lotus Blossom and some dialogue pauses.
* Fixed asking Malcolm about saved Heather and Knox's quest looping.
* Re-fixed Thaumaturgy with non-humans and fixed Newscaster position.
* Fixed double doors at Giovanni Mansion and removed Bruno's clones.
* Added a Vandal line for females and fixed two Venture double doors.
* Made Chang's threat stay in dialogue and fixed Lily's diary dates.
* Moved female disease bum close to Last Round to make her lines fit.