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War Leaders: Clash of Nations - patch 1.1

War Leaders: Clash of Nations - patch 1.1

War Leaders: Clash of Nations






A cura di Davide “Spetz” Spotti del 01/01/2007
Disponibile per il download la patch 1.1 in lingua tedesca di War Leaders: Clash of Nations.
Dimensioni del File: 250 MB

Ecco il changelog:


- Improvements in performance
- Lower loading times
- Better stability on Windows Vista
- Optimized packaging system for lower memory consumption
- Memory Leaks correction
- Screensaver disabled while playing

Main Menu

- Mouse wheel scroll inserted on battles list
- Correct graphics mode check in Main Menu
- Improved background video

Battle Mode

- Tooltips now work in pause
- Fixed issues on placing units initial phase
- Improvements in pathfinding to avoid queues on units movement by overtake
- Fix in units shooting at different heights
- Bug fixes for infantry inside buildings
- Bug fixes for units blocked on bridges
- Bug fix for planes high level AI
- Bug fix for battle ending speech
- Bug fix for ships on Tokyo map
- Maps visuals fixes
- Unit models and textures fixes
- Destroyed plains fixes
- Vegetation movement by wind improvement
- Improvement on memory management by particles system

Campaign Mode

- Interface optimized
- Several fixes on savegames
- Several fixes on armies movement arrows
- Bug fix so now videos on War Leaders dead show up
- Bug fix for alliances with nations defeated at high historical accuracy level
- Improvement on atomic bomb explosion visual effects
- V-1 and V-2 damage reduced
- Double movement by disembarkment not allowed
- Bug fix for units missing when disembarking
- Bug fix for minus quantities on statistics
- Bug fixes on events
- Added tooltips to screen interface of armies and territories
- Diplomacy AI fix: do not reoffer treaties once offered to the player
- Spies can act against nations not in war yet in High Historical Accuracy Level
- Inserted World missing raw materials
- Spies actions and interface restricted to Technologies
- Coast effects fixes