Vampire - Bloodlines - patch 5.0 (NON UFF)

Disponibile per il download la patch 5.0 per Vampire: The Masquerade. Vi ricordiamo che si tratta di una patch non ufficiale, che, per funzionare correttamente, richiede l'installazione della patch 1.2.
Dimensioni del File: 150 MB

Ecco il changelog:

* Made more basic/plus changes using variable and fixed text details.
* Added netcafe entry update for Ash Rivers and delayed Tawni's one.
* Made Bach and Shu drop both weapons and removed a basic carry-over.
* Added museum and Bertram log states and Blood Buff in Elysium tip.
* Added xp for Copper and poster quests and matched basic/plus order.
* Moved Tawni poster to Tremere bathroom and restored a Regent line.
* Made Hatter drop screenplay on death and corrected Blood Boil info.
* Stopped Skelter from blocking you and adjusted Hannah's book dates.
* Added breaking sound to warrens vent and Ocean House floor boards.
* Restored Vandal's alternative for Nosferatu and warehouse bonus xp.
* Fixed basic Ra blade description and it's invisible stats in plus.
* Made sarcophagus key not giveable and fixed a basic Imalia exploit.
* Improved Tommy's quest log and fixed Regent and Trip endgame bugs.
* Removed inappropriate Buddha moving sound and included python code.

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