Vampire - Bloodlines - patch 4.9 (NON UFF)

Disponibile la patch 4.7 di Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. Vi ricordiamo che si tratta di una patch non ufficiale, che, per funzionare correttamente, richiede l'installazione della patch 1.2.
Dimensioni del File: 150 MB

Ecco il changelog:

Tips and Tricks:

When using the console, be sure to activate it from the menu only.
To reinstall clean up registry and remove vtmb.ini from /windows.
On start crashings force refresh rate override or use -dxlevel 80.
If you experience stutter on dual core systems turn one core off.
Don't save or leave maps with disciplines active to avoid crashes.
At high Obfuscate levels use attack to stealth kill without fail.
When controls are sticky start the game in Win98 compability mode.
Have four empty inventory slots when taking Imalia's Tawni quest.
If you can't read papers re-bind "use" away from the mousebuttons.
To avoid crashes don't play sounds with the Windows Media Player.
If a container auto-closes right-click the objects to choose them.
Enemy death may open doors and give items, which Trance does not.
Some feed victims stay in Trance so don't bite quest-related ones.
Occasionally Beckett stays in wolf form when meeting him, reload.
Game may crash in cutscenes if you are Obfuscated, so turn it off.
If you experience random attacking bind attack away from "enter".
Rarely your appartment may get full of strange stuff, just reload.
If a cutscene freezes try reload or type frenzyplayer in console.
When getting problems with a history during the tutorial, skip it.


* Placed elder vitae pack at Fu Syndicate and corrected grenade icon.
* Fixed basic patch loading tips not changing and minor text issues.
* Made crossbow bolts available earlier and Tseng hide his inventory.
* Added pain sound to Mercurio cutscene and reliefs to Fu Syndicate.
* Decreased patch size by setting basic/plus changes via variable.
* Swapped Damsel and Skelter places to correct a line of the latter.
* Removed blind door handles at the Ocean House and the Empire Hotel.
* Changed installer default directory to fit original retail folder.
* Added humanity to overlooked dialogue for giving money to Mercurio.
* Fixed bad Nadia dialogue section and restored more missing sounds.
* Placed howitzer gun at Leopold Society and removed a Mercurio loop.
* Re-fixed Carson taking his laptop and resolved a Sin Bin PC issue.
* Added Heather's missing line after Dominating or Dementating McFly.
* Prevented continueing Mitnick's quest after failing previous hubs.
* Improved an Ocean House ghost laughter and added vent break sounds.
* Moved serial killer card back and corrected several toppled props.

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