Combat Mission: Shock Force - patch 1.06

Disponibile per il download la patch 1.6 di Combat Mission: Shock Force
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Ecco il changelog:

• Enhanced LOS system takes into account the dynamically changing heights of soldiers in different stances, and vehicles of varying heights and the height of their crew positions and attached weapons.
• When a squad/team of soldiers is placing a target command, the line to the target is light blue if the LOS is clear, part dark blue and part magenta if it's blocked, and gray if it's mostly clear but not for every soldier in the squad/team.
• Trees block LOS more strongly.
• Moving vehicles are easier to spot than previously, especially when kicking up large dust clouds.
• Moving units are less likely to move quickly past an enemy and not notice him.
• It's no longer as easy to spot enemy soldiers just because they are standing up (all else being equal).
• Not all the soldiers in an enemy squad/team will necessarily be spotted when some are spotted, even when there is a clear LOS.
• Spotting in extreme-dark moonless night conditions is handled correctly.
Data di uscita: 11 giugno USA / 15 giugno Europa
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