L'aggiornamento 1.4 di Rise of the triad si mostra in video

Interceptor Entertainment ha pubblicato un nuovo video di Rise of the triad nel quale illustra i contenuti dell'aggiornamento 1.4. Di seguito eccovi il changelog ufficiale:


General Fixes:

* DOOMSTICK shotgun added to single player campaign and multiplayer maps
Pickup VOs added for all HUNT team members

* 6 new community maps added to base game
- Danger Canyon (DM)
- Spry (DM)
- Tepidus (DM/TDM)
- Templus (DM/TDM/CTF)
- Virgus (DM/TDM)
- The RoTTest Yard (DM)

* New and optimized particle effects added for all weapons and explosions
- Pistols
- MP40
- Bazooka
- D.R.U.N.K Missile
- Firebomb
- Flamewall
- Heatseeker
- Splitmissile
- Dark Staff
- Excalibat
- DOOMStick

* New and optimized blood effects added (Ludicrous gibs unchanged)
* Online single player campaign saves will now be cached for use in offline mode
* PhysX now OFF by default
* “Enable PhysX” setting in launcher now stays activated when you select “accept settings”. (derp)
* Clicking “Restart Checkpoint” before the first checkpoint of the level no longer respawns the player with only a pistol.
* Pressing your quickload button while in a loading screen will no longer yield a constant loop of loading .
* Pressing quicksave after pressing resume game, in the main menu, then loading said save while in game, no longer causes the map name to be replaced with garbage.
* Quicksaving on any of the secret levels no longer breaks the level. Quicksaving is disabled on all secret levels.
* (Lo Wang’s) multiplayer one-liners on health and weapon pickups no longer overlap
* The god mode pickup no longer plays the entire singleplayer pickup sound in multiplayer.
* The new Community Maps from 1.3 and 1.4 are now supported by the LDK Dedicated Server tool.
* Big John now has multiplayer VOs (You’re welcome)
* Lo Wang’s mercury mode duration has been fixed.
* Trying to log in with a non-existing account no longer gives the wrong error message
* Error message upon version mistmatch has now been corrected.
* No longer possible to break the kill statistics.
* Armor is no longer disappearing (visually) from HUD when reloading a checkpoint.
* Entering a secret exit will now unlock 100% completion achievement.
* Coin counter added to ESC menu in SP
* Steppin' Razer Achievement kill count increased to 50
* Fixed posthumous firebomb kills now register properly
* Fixed achievements
* Quick save fixes
* Added 'Ding' + 1995 VO sound when player gets 100% on a level
* Removed 17 achievements

* Added 3 new achievements
- Knife Party
- This is My Doomstick!
- Shop Smart, Shop S Mart
Game now has 95 working achievements!

* All community maps now have the [CM] tag
* Muzzleflash work for the second (left) pistol when dual wielding.
* Fixed El Oscuro phase 2 ragdoll in rare occasions
* E2L5: Quickloading- and Saving no longer breaks Sebastian Krist Boss Battle
* Balistikraft no longer becomes invulnerable to traps after quickload
* Armor/ health % / weapons and level stats are now saved at 3rd checkpoint after starting to play through a map from 2nd checkpoint from over world
Data di uscita: 31 luglio 2013
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