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Valve svela cinquanta nuovi titoli Steam Greenlight

Valve svela cinquanta nuovi titoli Steam Greenlight




dal 12 settembre 2003 su PC - marzo 2008 Mac - aprile 2011 PS3

A cura di Pietro Guido “Raxias” Gualano del 06/02/2014
Vlave ha oggi svelato una lista di cinquanta nuovi titoli che verranno offerti nel mese di febbraio da Steam Greenlight, eccoli nel dettaglio:

9th Dawn created by valorware
Angvik created by Alasta
Blockade 3D created by KAzaMA_
CATDAMMIT! Director's Cat created by Fir&Flams
The Crack created by WetBass Studios
Cuebox: The Real 3D Pool created by 3rdworldgames
Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning created by Cypress Inheritance
Detective Grimoire created by SFBTom (Honorable mention for Excellence in Narrative, Independent Games Festival 2014)
Diehard Dungeon created by Tricktale
Drox Operative created by Soldak Entertainment
Gear Jack created by LaNtIs
Ghostship Aftermath created by shaun
Gigantic Army created by Nyu Media
Gnoblins created by Ashaman
Go to Hell Dave created by Bungeeman
Haunt the House: Terrortown created by SFBTom
Half-Life 2: Enhancement Mod created by Aluminum Ken
Hero Voicer created by herovoicer
I-NFECTED created by Creazn
Kholat created by IMGN_PRO
Kromaia created by Kraken Empire
KTBG: Kill The Bad Guy created by Exkee_KTBG
Mage's Initiation: Reign of the Elements created by Himalaya Studios
Mars Colony: Challenger created by hdortch
Master Spy created by Kookies!
Matador created by Boss Tweed
The Mims Beginning created by squattingpenguins
Murder Miners created by JForce Games
TUG: The Untitled Game created by NerdKingdom.
Monria created by Monria Main
Poltergeist: Pixelated Horror created by Glitchy Pixel
Pengame created by Rozsd_s
Portal: Alive & Kicking created by rHetorical
Portal 2: Abyss created by Pac0master
Predestination created by Nyphur
Project Aura created by PixelQuality Games
The Revenge created by lev@n
Reversion: A Sci-Fi Adventure Game created by fsaenz
Richard & Alice created by LewisDenby
Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball created by Erik Asmussen
Solidface Professional 2D/3D CAD created by RafaSolid
Steam Battle created by Nekki
Sunrider created by
Tech Executive Tycoon created by WEB Gaming Entertainment
Unclaimed World created by Refactored Games
UnityAGK: Action Game Kit created by Kuroato
Wishful Lie (Forget Me Not Annie) created by GHCEntertainment
Yet Another Zombie Defense created by Awesome Games Studio
Energy Hook created by JamieFristrom
EPOCH created by Uppercut Games