Crytek rilascia la versione 3.5.7 del CryEngine SDK

Lo studio teutonico Crytek ha pubblicato la nuova release gratuita del CryEngine SDK, un set di tool grafici e non solo che permettono di sviluppare progetti non commerciali. L'ultima versione, la 3.5.7, introduce alcune features richieste dalla community: migliorie per la gestione dell'IA, correzione di diversi bug e nuovi effetti e relativa simulazione fisica dei fluidi, in particolare l'acqua. A seguire trovate il changelog completo in inglese del CryEngine SDK:

New Features
•(Game) Added friction to the vehicles depending on surface type.
•AIActors keep track of their initial position now.
•(Flowgraph) New nodes Math:ArcSinus, Math:ArcCosinus, Math:ArcTangens, Math:Ceil, Math:Floor, Math:Mod.
•(Particles) New camera-related params: fFocusCameraDir, fCameraDistanceBias. Also bFocusRotatesEmitter (revived from CE 3.4). Refactored and optimized particle render functions.
•Add compile-time support information to RC’s generic info.
•(CryDesigner) Added a debugger tool.
•(AISystem) dynamic path adjustments work more reliably with “large” obstacles on slopes (CE-1959).
•(Game) corpses can now time out via CVar g_corpseManager_timeoutInSeconds (CE-1989).
•(Physics) Exposed rope awake flag. This allows ropes to be activated automatically on game start, rather than needing to fire an impulse through flowgraph.
•Exposed “floating” flag in surfacetypes.xml.
•(Physics) World dump update.
•Dynamic water volumes.
•(CryDesigner) Added “Seamless edit” check box so that turn seamless edit on and off.
•(CryDesigner) Implemented “Select All”.
•(Particles) New params for alpha test control (CE-892).
•(CryDesigner) Implemented the Exclusive Editing Mode.
•(CryDesigner) Added a new parameter “Step Rise” for Stair tool.

•(Sandbox) corpses no longer persist throughout multiple game sessions in Sandbox (CE-1988).
•Fixed vehicle partially invisible after respawning (CE-1957).
•(Particles) Fixed crash when vertex count over limit, and buffer alignment bug.
•(Editor) Restored SnapToGrid, Wireframe, Remember & Goto Location toolbar functionality (CE-2116).
•(CryDesigner) Fixed a bug about remaining side faces while push/pull.
•(Particles, Editor) Moving emitter entities no longer spawns multiple emitters.
•Fix Undo not working when using terrain painter “Flood” (CE-1958).
•Fixed it so reserving unbound entities works again (fixes case where a net entity is referenced before it spawns).
•Issue with skeleton’s memory statistics (CE-1731).
•Dynamic water volumes fixes.
•(Game) Can’t drive tank in multiplayer (CE-1352).
•(AISystem) some weapon offset for peeking were missing in the Human AI character.
•(AISystem) non-queued signals were causing wait-operations to never finish (CE-1956).
•(Scaleform) UIElements instances leaking in editor.
•(Flowgraph) Reload in UIEmulator broke Flowgraphs.
•(CryDesigner) Made mirrored objects not be able to attend “Merge”, “ResetXForm” and “Pivot to Center”.
•(CryDesigner) Fixed bevel tool bugs.
•(CryDeisgner) Fixed bugs causing broken faces in an union operation.
•(Game) Grenades don’t explode (CE-1333).
•Water volumes serialization issue (CE-2046).
•(3DEngine) material glow parameter doesn’t get updated correctly when triggered via flowgraph (CE-1653).
•Apply texture modifiers for vegetation & shadow gen pass (CE-1827).
•Advanced watervolume profiler crash in 64bit (CE-2024).
•Perforce plug-in: Fix crash if no connection, fix reconnection.
•(Renderer) Reset current device context shaders when unbinding resources (CE-2016).
•(Particles) Spawn on ParentCollision now works for every collision. Incorporated new fCameraDistanceBias into static bounds. Fixed scaling and speed errors with child particles.
•(Sound) Fix for soundlistener getting disabled when using trackview (CE-1912).
•(Game) Removed unused Level-tag logic from game-localization (CE-1948).
•Possible crash on layer hiding/unhiding (CE-1962).
•Fixed wrong LODs on composite objects (CE-86).
•(ScriptProxy) OnCollision not properly clearing m_hitTable (CE-2006).
•Removed rope position forcing in ai/physics mode.
•(Game) Fixed physics Impulse parameter not working for Recoil in weapon scripts (CE-2018).
•Fixed a bug related to missing polygons after moving elements.
•Fixes for when MAX_JOINT_AMOUNT for animations is raised above 256. Some previously hardcoded arrays now use the define.
•(CryDesigner) Added filling a face based on two unconnected edges.
•(Shaders) Fixed issue with Flowmap using incorrect channel in Watervolume shader.
•(Particles) fix for incorrect alpha scaling. Reverted some unneeded alpha scale param conversions. Alpha clipping applied to decals as well.
•(CryDesigner) Fixed a bug displaying incorrect measurement helper number of a front stair.
•(Particles) Fixed sorting errors between particles and other transparent objects, by using proper 3DEngine-set distance (CE-1147).
•Force-integrate ReactiveTextureStreamer.cpp. Fixes StdAfx.h casing.
•Fix for crashing UIElements on exit.
•(Particles) Fixed SpawnOnCollision/Death with parent Bounciness < 0 (CE-2212).
•Disable TryLock feature on SRW locks for Windows. Fixes inability to start CRYENGINE on Windows Vista.
•(Game) Updated weapon_fx particles, fixed MG weapon overheat effect not playing.
•(AISystem) some weapon offset for peeking were missing in the Human AI character.
•Typesorting postponed (Char attachments).

•New BehaviorTrees with custom TPS queries added specifically for SDK tutoring purpose.
•(Assets) Added pistol melee 1p animation. Added pistol pfx. Removed unnecessary duplicate SP/MP params. Small tidy of structure.
•(CryDesigner) Added and modified materials and texture for CryDesigner Selection so that lighting doesn’t affect the material.
•(Assets) Added sample material/textures for blend layer with POM.
•(Assets) Added several floor tile materials and textures with blend variations.
•(Assets) Added CRYENGINE logo textures. Updated jointed_breakable material. Updated cloth_2 material which has the CE logo on it.
•(Assets) Added rough version water volume material.
•(Assets) Added sample water volume material and textures with decal setup.
•(Assets) Updated weapon tracer assets to newer, larger version. Deleted old unused assets.
•(Animation) added turn animation for when standing (CE-1793).

•More proper default out-of-grid settings.
•Tweak to coll_type tag parsing for surface types.
•(RENDERER) Lowered bandwidth for lens flare RT to 10F.
•(Sandbox) Update Boost (for Python integration) from 46.1 up to 55.0. To support libs for VS 2012.

•Cleanup of physics setup.
•Removed RawFace structure.
•Replaced BrushUtil:: namespace with BUtil:: namespace.
•Cleanup and Decoupling of CAnimationSet.
•Removed redundant functions.
•Phys testbed maintenance.
•Saved both entity guid and resolved id during export; MP levels request to use entity id, which can be generated via batch export.
•Deleted unused codes on drawing helpers.
•(CryDesigner) Renamed “PushPull” to “Extrude”.
•(CryDesigner) Changed the clip tool name from “Clip” to “Slice”.

•(Game) Don’t use LowLevel physics when vehicles are stationary.
•(Game) Keep physics awake for a bit longer to prevent it falling asleep on the apex of a slope.
•(Flowgraph) Added ability to unassign an entity in a Node (CE-1611).
•(Particles) Warning “ignoring spawning of immortal independent effect” now shows full sub-effect name (CE-796).
•(Rendering) Warning “mismatch between texture and sampler type” no longer displayed for simple missing assets (CE-27).
•(AISystem) secondary visual sensor added to “default” perception configuration.
•(AISystem) Tactical Position System: more further debug rendering added.
•Abrams: Added additional empty params. Removed deprecated params. Added recoil shake to weapons.
•(Game) Added CVar g_suppressHitSanityCheckWarnings (CE-1298).
•(Savegame) Unified savegame name, now based on IGame::GetName.
•Rifle: Removed unnecessary duplicate SP/MP params. Small tidy of structure. Moved some duplicate values from sub-sections into default section. Removed invalid params. Made tracers visible.
•(Physics) Enabled e_DeformableObjects by default (CE-1991).
•(Particles) Editor now displays TRangeParam<> doublets in compact Vec2 format.
•Strip semi-commas off the end of #pragma statements. Added missing shader compiler DLL.
•Changed the bone limit for current gen consoles and PC to 1024 (last gen consoles use the old value of 256).
•Behavior Tree visualizer now also shows the Selection Variables.
•AI script Human_x.lua now defaults to the “SDK_Grunt_04″ behavior tree.
•(Assets) Forest update. Added AB particle layers and moved particles. Moved logic into logic layers. Added small steps into some houses. Deleted non-streaming layer and put assets into appropriate layers. Converted some brushes into geomEnt for ropes. Broke up some of the terrain painting with more varied materials.
•(Assets) Forest: Moved some objects in the wrong layers. Replaced Cave geometry beams with volumetric beam materials on the lights.
•Updated deformable_barrel material.
•Readjusted the orientation of the HUD bone to prevent tilting of the onscreen Hud during aim and walk with the Pistol.
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