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Project CARS: disponibile la build 567

Project CARS: disponibile la build 567

Project CARS
A cura di Francesco “Mastelli Speed” Ursino del 21/09/2013
Come ogni settimana, Slightly Mad Studios propone una nuova build per i possessori di account Team Member o superiori relativa a Project CARS, titolo di guida atteso nel 2014 su PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U e PC.
L'aggiornamento 567, nello specifico, continua l'opera di sviluppo relativo alla versione per la console di casa Nintendo, cosi come quello relativo all'integrazione con Steam.
Per tutti gli approfondimenti, in ogni caso, è possibile prendere visione del seguente changelog:

Build 567 (20/9/13, Team Member+)
* Ariel Atom 3 and the Evon CR500 tire. Tried make this tire more camber sensive and believable with the tire heating temperature spreads with camber adjustement. In doing so some of the tire stiffness feel was lost so there was a sidewall stiffness increase (using bow stiffness) adjustement to compensate and it all works rather nicely. These changes also affect the Caterham Classic and Caterham R500
* Added temperature mode = layer to the Evon 500 tire
* Puddles buil-up/drying rates altered
* Puddle and wet track buildup edits
* Wet road texture saved as ARGB to remove the blocky puddle edges. other channels also tweaked to reduce the ott wet road
Steam-based multiplayer WIP:
* Implemented join timeout. If a joining client never receives refid and stable index details, they leave the session. This can happen when the client attempts to join during host migration
* Fixed join timeout from CL 317154. Do not apply the timeout to non-steam Sessions
* WiiU: Fixed input manager initialisation issues
* BootFlow: Set boot loading phase order to be the same on all platforms. If platform specifics changes are required for TRCs they can be moved later
* Input: Set the focus device to be the first gamepad during splash screen phase on consoles
* WiiU: Added input sets and identifiers for Pro Controller
* WiiU: Fixed ProController button order for A & B buttons
* WiiU: Included Input WiiU namesapce in header chain as it is referenced by some common code
* Accolades placeholder screen with dummy data all connected and accessible through career profile from the dashboard
Racing Flags:
* Large collisions trigger yellow flag
* Added position tracking & warning for double yellow flag
* Fixed chequered flag bug, where it would appear when driving backwards on a 1 lap race
* Fixed the Flag HUD icon showing when the HUD is cycled to off
* Added 'reason' feedback for yellow flag issues
* Updated the yellow flags & the pit engineer to provide & comminicate the reasons for a yellow flag
* Added new pit engineer strings to reflect the various yellow flag reasons
* California Highway: Merge latest assets, fix levitate objects, add new tunnels with ao map
* Northampton: New exports
* Northampton: Added Stowe (TT falls through the floor, and have some bad pop ups on the corner markers)
* Azure Coast: Added missing emm map for more buildings, polished asstets, merged all latest
* Mercedes SLS GT3: LODX WIP1
* Formula C: Adjusted ride height range and bumpstops. Made a few default setup changes to lessen the turn-in oversteer