Nuovo video di Rise Of The Triad

Interceptor Entertainment ha reso disponibile un nuovo video di Rise Of The Triad, versione moderna dello sparatutto in prima persona di Apogee, che mostra i migloramenti apportati dalla patch 1.1.

Di seguito elenchiamo parte del changelog dell'update 1.1 del gioco:

FIx generali

* Playable character speeds balanced and better jump control
* Taradino: 2.5% Slower
* Doug: 7.5% Slower
* I .P: 5% Slower
* Thi: No Change
* Ben: No Change
* Larry: 2.5% Slower
* Leo: 2.5% Faster
* John: 7.5% Slower
* Lorelei: 2.5% Faster
* Groz: 5% Slower
* Bob: No Change
* Arturo 2.5% Slower
* Nolan 5% Slower
* Fabio: 2.5 % Slower
* Hoeg: 7.5% Slower

* Added Anti-Cheat/exploit leaderboard prevention
* Changed multiplayer listing server to be more stable
* “Disabled crosshair” no longer resets when hosting a new server
* Default Mouse Sensitivity is now 25
* Default FOV is now 85
* Weapons no longer disappear when picking up other weapons when in God mode
* “Yes / No” no longer re-selectable when exiting the game. Yes means yes. NO MEANS NO!
* “The Feiner Things” achievement fixed
* Firebomb viewmodel is now displayed correctly in 5:4 resolutions
* Tweaked blood hit effect for performance gains
* Tweaked God mode explosion effect for performance gains
* Blood Spray from gibs effect capped to increase performance (entrails are enabled by PhysX support in launcher)
* Overworld Map – E4L4 box no longer shows over checkpoint selector
* Added Walk function (default Left Shift)
* Decals are now active by default
* Health bonuses are now based on percentages
* Game brightness is now saved properly
* Split missle is now saved upon reaching checkpoints
* Fixed infinite ammo projectile weapons glitch
* In-game FPS counter can now be turned on permanently in main menu
* Popup combo information can be turned off in main menu
* Fixed HUD fade issue
* HUD fade and size is now restored upon checkpoint load
* If crosshair is disabled it’ll no long show up while aiming
* Robots no longer block weapons once they are dead
* Fixed God mode weapon switch exploit
* Key rebind issue fixed
* Lightshafts are disabled by default
* Fixed suicide achievement exploit
* Breakable objects that don’t inflict damage will no longer cook health
* Removed Drunk Missile spin down delay (You don’t have to wait for it to spin-down anymore)
* Fixed corrupted checkpoints when starting game from overworld and then restarting from
* Reduced split missile put down time when empty
* Weapon Loadout Exploit fixed
* Removed pointless main menu idle state
Data di uscita: 31 luglio 2013
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