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Nuovo video di Rise Of The Triad

Nuovo video di Rise Of The Triad

Rise of the Triad 2013
A cura di Antonello “AWesker” Buzzi del 16/09/2013
Interceptor Entertainment ha reso disponibile un nuovo video di Rise Of The Triad, versione moderna dello sparatutto in prima persona di Apogee, che mostra i migloramenti apportati dalla patch 1.1.

Di seguito elenchiamo parte del changelog dell'update 1.1 del gioco:

FIx generali

* Playable character speeds balanced and better jump control
* Taradino: 2.5% Slower
* Doug: 7.5% Slower
* I .P: 5% Slower
* Thi: No Change
* Ben: No Change
* Larry: 2.5% Slower
* Leo: 2.5% Faster
* John: 7.5% Slower
* Lorelei: 2.5% Faster
* Groz: 5% Slower
* Bob: No Change
* Arturo 2.5% Slower
* Nolan 5% Slower
* Fabio: 2.5 % Slower
* Hoeg: 7.5% Slower

* Added Anti-Cheat/exploit leaderboard prevention
* Changed multiplayer listing server to be more stable
* “Disabled crosshair” no longer resets when hosting a new server
* Default Mouse Sensitivity is now 25
* Default FOV is now 85
* Weapons no longer disappear when picking up other weapons when in God mode
* “Yes / No” no longer re-selectable when exiting the game. Yes means yes. NO MEANS NO!
* “The Feiner Things” achievement fixed
* Firebomb viewmodel is now displayed correctly in 5:4 resolutions
* Tweaked blood hit effect for performance gains
* Tweaked God mode explosion effect for performance gains
* Blood Spray from gibs effect capped to increase performance (entrails are enabled by PhysX support in launcher)
* Overworld Map – E4L4 box no longer shows over checkpoint selector
* Added Walk function (default Left Shift)
* Decals are now active by default
* Health bonuses are now based on percentages
* Game brightness is now saved properly
* Split missle is now saved upon reaching checkpoints
* Fixed infinite ammo projectile weapons glitch
* In-game FPS counter can now be turned on permanently in main menu
* Popup combo information can be turned off in main menu
* Fixed HUD fade issue
* HUD fade and size is now restored upon checkpoint load
* If crosshair is disabled it’ll no long show up while aiming
* Robots no longer block weapons once they are dead
* Fixed God mode weapon switch exploit
* Key rebind issue fixed
* Lightshafts are disabled by default
* Fixed suicide achievement exploit
* Breakable objects that don’t inflict damage will no longer cook health
* Removed Drunk Missile spin down delay (You don’t have to wait for it to spin-down anymore)
* Fixed corrupted checkpoints when starting game from overworld and then restarting from
* Reduced split missile put down time when empty
* Weapon Loadout Exploit fixed
* Removed pointless main menu idle state