Project CARS: disponibile la build 549

Slightly Mad Studios ha rilasciato una nuova build per Project CARS: l'aggiornamento 549, disponibile per possessori di account Team Member o superiori, apporta numerosi miglioramenti nel comparto audio, in special modo per quanto riguarda la BMW M1.
Questo il changelog:

Build 549 (27/8/13, Team Member+)
* Fix for bad coords
* Fix for missing return.
* Fix for missing brace on DX9 triangle draw.
* Additional new pixel definition variable
* Added in new index buffer tyep to handle point lists
* Added in functions to get Cuda handlers for the generic prims
* New setup for weather system loading
* Split up the environment data into 4 section which we can load and unload separately therefore allowing us to be able to control the systems data more. The sections are, Base Render data (rendertargets etc..) , Weather condition data , Level Data (skyrings etc) and Lighting Data. All render and weather data is now loaded as a boot phase and kept as persistent throughout the entire game. This will help load times to track and also reduce memory fragmentation when loading and unload textures
* Career Calendar updates, fix to map not displaying, linked up record panel (wip).
* All new BMW M1 Procar incar and external engine sets, plus an AI version. Update also includes the latest sound events such as int/ext gearshifts, backfires/splutters and distant rolloffs and trajectory. Listen for the carburetor opening up and hear the air getting sucked in
* Dubai: National and Club new AIW’s for changes in the track geometry. All 4 layououts added new pit lane paths (previously missing), expanded grid sizes from 16 to 36 and pit area to 18
* Volusia: Add textures for bistro
* BMW M3 E30 Group A: Adjustable weight distribution and setup tweaks for the revised tire

Vi lasciamo infine con un breve video in cui è possibile proprio apprezzare gli effetti audio relativi alla BMW M1. Buona visione!

Data di uscita: 7 maggio 2015
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