WRC 3: disponibile una nuova patch

È disponibile una nuova patch per PC di WRC 3, il gioco rally sviluppato da Milestone. L'aggiornamento migliora le prestazioni del gioco, corregge problemi dell'HUD e aggiunge la compatibilità per alcuni volanti e pedali. Qui di seguito la lista completa:
- WRC Class - Citroen DS3, Wrong Red Bull logo on car livery
- WRC Class - Citroen DS3, Wrong Red Bull logo on car livery on the rear
- Neuville's Helmet, Wrong Red Bull logo on helmet livery
- Cook Cars , Wrong sponsors logos on the back of the car
- Updated credits on the artist list
- The feedback force "maximum" is too much and tends to heat too much the Logitech wheels (after 2 h there was burn smell)
- [Road to Glory - Game Stuck] 5th, 6th and 7th Boss Battles unplayable (the car does not start with the manual - gearbox, and on the slopes with hill-start the car slides back, if you put automatic transmission is starts - slowly)
- In Class 2, the Skoda Fabia S2000 is faster than the WRC cars
- [wheel] changing settings insite the in_race option menu is not working until restarting the race
- [wheel] FANATEC GT3 RS + Clubsport pedals - pedals works with difficulty
- [Road to Glory - Free Run - Single Rally] Free Run Customised Single Rally --> game crash
- [Launcher] Unable to log online account in Launcher PC
- Fix to avoid menu resource load in race [Menu (swf) car_repair]
- Game soft-locks on any confirmation message after an error... [Data e Menu(swf)]
- Other text fix CHEKED
- Crash customizing dlc car (with a career started without car dlc and dlc installed after)
- HUD elements disappear
- Split time bar fix in free run rally
- Hot Seat - Camera controls disabled
- Issue 2 of 4 the title crashes when attempting to load an unfinished "Rally Event" from the "Road to Glory" - menu. [also Data]
- C30 Hot Seat - Camera controls disabled
- C31 Drift score remains on screen from previous attempt
- Avoid save in Rally when exit to main menu (crash on reload if a checkpoint passed before leave to main)
- Missing rally winner in online voting [also Data]
- Wrecking car user may access replay and playing during it
- Heavy Damage - Race Results: Wrong Time displayed in Race Results
- Other minor fixes
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