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rFactor 2: disponibile la build 218

rFactor 2: disponibile la build 218

rFactor 2
A cura di Francesco “Mastelli Speed” Ursino del 23/05/2013
Image Space Incorporated ha rilasciato una nuova build per il simulatore di guida PC rFactor 2; l' aggiornamento 218 si presenta come di consueto in versione Lite (senza circuiti e auto, come ogni aggiornamento rilasciato fino a ora) e Sampler (contenente una selezione di contenuti tra i quali i circuiti di Malaysia e Lime Rock, e le auto Corvette, Marussia, Clio).

Questo il changelog dell'update, che apporta numerosi cambiamenti in molti aspetti del titolo, attualmente in fase di open beta:


Update 14 (Build 218) Changelog (May 20, 2013):


- Modders tracks may need a very minor update if they don’t already have Vertex Alpha at 99.99%, to trigger the billboarding without the side-effect of transparency.
- Possible MP lag/stutter when player disconnects
- Possible alt-tab crash (we have not been able to recreate yet)
- Wet Weather transparency issues, fixed in upcoming (short timeframe) build
See knownissues.txt for more

- Fixed problem where particles were mis-aligned across viewports in multiview
- Fixed a problem where side views could become un-synced with center view in multiview
- Fixed a shadow-related bug if shaders were initially compiled by showroom
- Fixed several issues with showroom when used with non-HDR mode
- Improved monitor replay view in multiview
- Fixed some overlay bugs in instant replay in multiview
- Changed render order of side views in multiview to fix lagging problem
- Improved rain look
- Re-enabled wet skids
- Fixed a bug causing inconsistent fog among channels in multiview
- Fixed a bug loading default HDR profile
- Fixed uncoordinated rain drops in multiview mode
- Improvements to fullscreen showroom display in widescreen and multiview modes
- Fix for multiview shadow error when tree wind is 0
- Fixed a bug with re-initializing letterbox manager
- Improved instant replay overlays in multiview mode
- Fixed a bug when switching to a non-multiview res, where multiview was still being used
- Fixed replays in multiview mode
- Restrict mem bar display to realtime only
- Fix location of reflection map display in multiview mode
- Fixed a bug with fire being non-alpha

- Finally finished the V05 interface of internals plugin by adding calls to handle a lost and reset device. Note: any plugins that ignored our warning that V05 was a work-in-progress will crash.
- Improved the places where we call the plugins’ InitScreen() and UninitScreen() functions.
- Added ignition/starter state to plugin telemetry data.
- Made changes to allow plugins to draw in the options.
- Added UI location (main/loading/monitor/on-track) and UI page to plugin ScreenInfo structure.

- Fixed downforce calculation in draft: BodyDraftLiftMult and DiffuserDraftLiftMult were accidentally negated. Wings and fenders already worked correctly. Regardless, some vehicles may need to be slightly re-tuned for behavior in the draft.
- Improved the automatic collision hull generation for front and rear wings.
- If re-attaching a wheel, fix to re-attach the relevant suspension bits as well.
- Small improvement in collision response.

- Reduced maximum volume passed into sound library because too many sounds at full resulted in distortion. Similarly, the maximum player and opponent volume ratios in the options is now 100% rather than 200%. Users may need to readjust settings or speaker/headphone volume to compensate.
- Computed player and opponent volumes on the fly so UI options would take effect immediately, and be correct for who is controlling the vehicle.
- Added the ability to set vehicle sound attenuation variables separately for inside vs. outside sounds.
- Automatically upgrade trackside sound effects to use exponential attenuation if they are still using old attenuation; also consolidated the related PLR file attenuation variables.
- Ambient sound effects can now use exponential attenuation like the vehicles do.

- Added a PLR file option “Temporary Replay Keys” which allows the instant replay arrow keys to act permanently rather than temporary. The default remains temporary.
- In replay, space key now toggles between play and stop.

- Increased component/mod verify level from None to Normal
- Using additional criterion to differentiate between cmps with same name/version

UI / HUD / Options:
- Playerfile variable “Auto Install Uninstalled Content In Packages Directory”, if set to 1 will auto install all uninstalled content in packages directory on start up of regular game (not dedicated server)(default is 0).
- Added plrfile option for transparency AA (defaulted to On)
- Fixes for various showroom problems.
- Added a “download in progress” button that only appears when we have a component download in progress.
- Added PLR file option “Start Engine” for whether you want it automatically started
- Fixed vehicle labels in monitor
- Fixed mp lobby issue were the UI would show the incorrect session name in the server description scroll box
- Fixed bug where HUD relative tach would use the deafult 10,000rpm maximum value instead of the real car value if the car’s cockpick tach was set up not to be relative.
- Corner damage states in HUD now represent body and/or suspension damage.
- Turn off time acceleration when moving to another session.
- When loading default or scripted weather data, set to sunny if file not found (instead of old way of leaving weather state as whatever it was before….usually rainy)

- Fixed a ModMgr bug which prevented a mod made from updated cmp(s) from installing against existing full (non-updated) cmp(s)
- Fixed a ModMgr bug reporting MAS file sizes of upated cmps
- Fixed a ModMgr bug with availability of updated mods/cmps
- Component/Mod names now limited to 32 bytes
- Ambient Sounds are not movable with arrow keys + left ctrl. Fixed bug where Start Skill, Wet Speed, & Corner Caution RCD parameters would not save from editor. AIW path lateral position now moves X10 as far with right ctrl down + arrow.
- Added justification info to text items that can be added to HUD.
- fixed HUD value range for TVOP_tachNeedleAbsoluteMax in HUD editor (-1 means relative rpm gauge {max is determined by car setup}, any other non-zero number means that’s the top range of the rpm HUD gauge)
- Now allow custome needle names for speedometer, tachometer, and boost meter (all used to be hardcoded to “needle.tga”)
- Added ability to remove yellow flag to puppet master mode.

- Fix for broken replay display in triple head mode.
- Also fixed a possible deadlock when trying to resume a race from replay.
- Stopped resetting the camera to the starting driving view when toggling fullscreen in replay.
- Fixed an intermittent crash if you were a pending driver and the weekend was restarted.

- Fixed bug where after changing mod, some AI cars would be unable to load the correct RCD file thus resulting in very bad driving.
- Attempts to make AI that are running wide notice and do something about it before smashing full speed into buildings next to the road…(historics on spa).
- Minor adjustment to some driver RCD editor to keep some parameters within meaningful bounds.
- Adjusted algorithm related to RCD parameter “UnderSteerEffectOnLineMulti”, so that AI looks at more immediate road curve to determine if he is sliding out (in order to adjust driving line out to maintain useful front wheel grip levels). Recommended range for this parameter is 0.50 (most sensitive to front wheel grip lose) to about 1.5 (less sensitive). default is still 1.0.
- Added a new playerfile parameter “AI Logic Override” that can disable specific AI behaviors using a bit field. Currently only one behavior is toggle-able: use of the “blocking” line….which is disabled when this parameter is set to 1.

- Fixed Mod download that failed to complete would prevent future successful attempt to install
- Offer only actual mods, not multicmps, as choices to start a dedicated server.
- Changed it so clients joining during the race session will now load cars in the garage whose drivers have left; this is a precursor to being able to rejoin race sessions after a disconnect. A positive side effect of the fix is that we can now have more than 32 AIs in multiplayer (if the mod, track, and network settings allow). A negative side effect is that a player converted to AI doesn’t exit until a new track is loaded; for example, you can leave or get disconnected during a race, only to rejoin and see a duplicate of yourself driving around as an AI if the weekend was restarted. That will be addressed in the near future.
- Attempt fix for driver swap “name confusion”.

La beta,infine, è disponibile al link sottostante.