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Doppia build per Project CARS

Doppia build per Project CARS

Project CARS
A cura di Francesco “Mastelli Speed” Ursino del 03/05/2013
Il primo venerdì del mese, come di consueto, segna l'arrivo di una nuova build di Project CARS destinata a tutti i possessori di accounti Junior o superiori.
La giornata di oggi, in verità, si è contraddistinta per la diffusione di due aggiornamenti, il 461 e il 462, che apportano diverse migliorie al motore fisico, alle vetture, al tracciato di Bathrust, oltre che numerosi bug fix.
Di seguito vi proponiamo i due changelog:

Build 462 (3/5/13, Junior Member+)

Bug Fixes:
* Added protection to player flag check in MP session (Fixes MP issues)
* Moved engine sounds on/off out of the car sounds on/off so that engine, turbo, transmission and exhaust sounds toggle along with the metric for the engine being started/stopped, so sounds now work in line with the physics engine changes
* Fixed a race start issue where the exhaust sounds could bypass that and play. Also reset the car state fully on a restart to make sure the engine on/off state change was picked up properly

* Mitsubishi Lancer: All exterior mapped&textured, new lights setup, some mesh updates, combined all glass materials, user flags checked/fixed etc

Build 461 (3/5/13, Junior Member+)

* Ignition and engine start updates
* Fix for testing whether to Auto Start Engine before reading the Driver Aid settings
* Changed Auto Start to be 1 for Elite handling modes, should be 1 for all modes now
* Tweaked thresholds for IsEngineRunning metric

* Padded BDbgString when not used to keep consistent size for use by loaded classes such BHashString on all platforms/configs, including 64 bit
* Added static asserts to check expected sizes of BHashStrings and other basics types
* Various updates to change crt string calls to Base abstracts including new BStrtok
* Physics: Added overloads to pass in dest length for use with BStrtok abstracts
* NetServices: Fixed a compile warning
* Fix HRDF 64-bit type sizes and relocations
* Added BStrtok abstracts

* Added function register for heat haze toggle

Bug Fixes:
* Fix for not fetching valid RaceModeInfo for multiplayer
* Fixed incorrect script logic causing number of laps to always be 1

* Planar Reflections resolution is now linked to the envmap settings
* Added optional scaling of envmap based on specular texture alpha (as used on basic.fx) to basic_windows.fx

* Added gear wobble engine modulation

* ReplaySaveLoad: Resurrected some old debug code to aid in finding invalid track/vehicle IDs
* Replay: Added error then continue on an attempt to stop recording to an uninitialised sample buffer
* cPhysicsReplay: Clear activated flag on Cleanup()

Race Rules:
* Enable RacingFlags to be displayed
* Add display to 2d map
* Add RacingFlagSettings.hrdf which contains parameters to alter flag behaviour
* Add warning message to TextDB.btdb
* Hookup gui code to display flag warnings
* Enable conditional compilation of RacingFlags
* Only display HUD warning when player is inside a flag section
* Only run flag detection on host in multiplayer games

* WIP Fog/Scattering Shader
* Fixed PS3 shader compiler error in vehicles_basic_translucent.fx

* Bathurst: Added leaves particle fx in some areas

* Mercedes SLS AMG: Applied WIP suspension geometry from the GT3 version until we get full reference
* Ford Mustang Boss 302R: More performance balancing and applying data from Ford Racing
* BMW M3 GT4: Reduced aero drag
* Mercedes SLS GT3: Applied real numbers to gearbox
* Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X: Normals/textures updated