Project CARS: disponibile la build 441

Come di consueto, il primo venerdi del mese è l'occasione per la release di una nuova build di Project CARS, disponibile per i possessori di qualsiasi tipologia di account (quindi da Junior in su). Il nuovo aggiornamento corregge e apporta migliorie in numerosi settori, compresi l'interfaccia utente, la fisica, veicoli e tracciati.
Questo il changelog:

Build 441 (5/4/13, Junior Member+)
Bug Fixes:
* Car Preview fix for cars that have paks named different to their names
* Edit HUD screen - Added mouse drag & drop
* DX11 enable primitive topology shadow state setting - reduces total DX11 API call count by approximately 4%.
* DX11 Shader inline optimisations (flatten various functions that were showing up in the profile on my MacBook)
* Runtime fix for SMAA S2X everything goes Rainbow bug + HDRControl support for MSAA 2x and 8x tonemapped downsampling
* Add HDRMethods MSAA 8x custom tonemapped resolve techniques
* HDRMethods Combine - add MSAA 2x custom resolve techniques - these are needed to fix the SMAA S2X 'rainbow' corruption bug
* Updated handling of PhysX constraint objects to consider different constraint types
* Fix member alignment
* Added 'OnPopupActivated' and 'OnPopupDeactivated' messages
* Added popup handling to GUIListItem
* Lotus 78, BMW M1, Ford Zakspeed Capri - adjusted Slick_purple compound with lower grip. Lotus 78 rebalanced aero and some mechanical balance. BMW M1 added some rear roll stiffness to move more towards neutral. No changes to the Ford Capri otherwise
Helmet View:
* Rebuild alpha channel to fix transparency issues
* Bathurst: Fixed position of skyring
* Bathurst: Further fixings on minigaps on the the barriers, fixed the ultra dar looking walls in shadowed areas, began balancing out the textures, began correcting and adding missing assets at the pitentry, fixed the non working wetroad fxs
* Lakeville Raceway GP: Dirtedges at curbs, fixed mesh issues found around some curbs, fixes on inner terrain/barriers, updated sideroads...WIP. New textures for Position Tower
* Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X: Added shadow offset up to fix ambient shadow
* Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X: Alpha 2 driver animation
* Lotus 98T: Changed turbo mapping for a more power in the 7000-9000 rpm area (aprox). Moves diffuser COP slightly forward. Upped engine idle to 3000rpms
* BMW M3 GT4: fixed small bug on taillight lighting
* Bumped version of all vehicles for Friday's stat reset

Data di uscita: 7 maggio 2015
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