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<b>The Secret World</b> prima patch

The Secret World prima patch

The Secret World
A cura di Domenico “Naares” Scarpello del 01/08/2012
E' da oggi disponibile per il download la prima patch del nuovo MMORPG di Funcom The Secret World. Sono state apportate delle correzioni, sistemati dei bug ed aggiunti nuovi contenuti. Ecco i dettagli ufficiali comunicati dalla compagnia:


The Marketplace
The Marketplace is now available in London!
All tradable items can be listed and searched for via the search options in the Marketplace UI. This UI is accessible via the bank NPCs in London
Only items from your personal storage can be listed and they will occupy a slot in the bank until they are sold
Listings show up from all players on all dimensions
All items are listed for 7 days after which point they time out
All listings have a 10% up front cost based on the listing price. This cost is refunded if the item sells
All successful sales are subject to a 5% broker fee upon sale


The ‘/say’ and ‘/shout’ chat commands now work properly
Improved animations when interacting with objects
It is now impossible for players to make their characters nude
When using the ‘high’ graphics settings, screen will no longer become blurry in some areas
The website will not crash the in-game browser
Filth Rain does not follow players to other zones
Players can no longer attach character-bound items to mail
Changing eye colour now works properly for all heads in character creation
Certain heals will no longer generate hate on friendly targets
Players will not be able to consume the Elixir of Life when already at full health
Certain monsters, such as the Royal Sadists, will not attack the player when dead


Introducing two new Nightmare Mode dungeons: The Ankh and Hell Fallen. These dungeons are built to be extremely challenging, and the enemies and encounters in these dungeons will test your build-making, gear, group composition and combat skills to the limit
Dungeon bosses and mini-bosses now only drop one loot bag
The Ankh: Akhenaten, the Black Pharaoh, is now immune to crowd control effects and will no longer despawn, then respawn with full health


The anima full-screen effect will no longer persist if the player has entered a PvP Battlefield
Players can no longer enter PvP Battlefields while in Anima form. They will be resurrected upon entry


Trying to split a stack when the player inventory is full will no longer cause that slot to malfunction
Mission decals will not disappear when a player teleports out of a zone


Hammer: The “Smash” ability will now always have an animation


Seven brand new missions are now available to all players as part of our first free monthly content update, "Issue #1: Unleashed"
Crafting items for a mission should now fulfil the goals of that mission
Into Darkness will no longer shut players of any faction out of the instance for any reason if they have not yet completed the mission

Solomon Island

That’ll Leave a Mark: The trapped survivor should now spawn at the trap only if he has been killed or the mission has been completed

The Savage Coast
Another Bug Hunt - Tier 2: Players can now turn in their dog tags to Sarge when in the appropriate area
The Black House: Carrie Killian's ashes should now reappear correctly
Crustacean Curse - Tier 2: Mission will now award XP as intended
Winter’s Legacy: Jacob Smythe will now spawn as intended
Taking the Purple - Tier 2: Players can now spawn the ambushers if another player fails this mission

Blue Mountain
Off the Menu - Tier 2: This mission should no longer reset after a player had added the sedative to the meat
The Haunting - Tier 3: The Delapores now respawn if players leave using their Agartha Conduit and zone back into the instance
Dawning of an Endless Night: Players can no longer get stuck in the Dreaming Prison
Dawning of an Endless Night: Players who have exited the dream before completion will now have a marker directing them back to the Dreaming Prison
Dawning of an Endless Night - Tier 5: Joe Slater cinematic should now play properly in all situations


Scorched Desert
The Big Terrible Picture - Tier 3: Prisms should now work properly
King of the Hill: Vortex Grenades, Fragmentation Grenades, and Landmines will now only work in the appropriate area
The Last Legion - Tier 3: Monsters should no longer disappear during cinematic and Legion should spawn correctly
The Last Legion - Tier 3: Killing Legatus Aulus should now reward credit for players who are on the same step

City of the Sun God
The Eye of Horus: Keeper Garran and Keeper Sh’ar now spawn as intended
The Eye of Horus: Pausing this mission will no longer cause the Eye of Horus to disappear from players’ inventories
The Way of Things: Tiers 2, 3, and 4 have been made more multiplayer friendly with multiple improvements
Black Sun, Red Sand - Tier 9: Akhenaten, the Black Pharaoh will no longer despawn, allowing the mission to be completed
Halls of Lost Records - Tier 6: Activating the defense mechanism will update the mission for all players present in the room
Foundations - Tier 3: Examining the tablet now updates the mission properly


The Besieged Farmlands
The Cost of Magic - Tier 5: Ritual can be completed as intended

The Carpathian Fangs
The Castle: This mission is now repeatable
Exit Strategy - Tier 4 : The Orochi communications terminal now works as intended

The Shadowy Forest
Mortal Sins - Tier 10: Only one player at a time can now interact with the water of life puzzle letters
Mortal Sins - Tier 20: Players can now re-enter the tomb if needed
Last Dance of the Padurii - Tier 4: Pausing this mission will no longer cause the Humming Music Box to disappear from players’ inventories
The Draculesti - Tier 4: Once all of the explosive spots are full, players who placed explosives get credit for this mission
Fatal Framing: This mission will now reward XP as intended
Who Comes and Who Goes: Goal text will now correctly ask the player to “Find the Abandoned Tunnel”